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Is there a price trap in the inkjet printer industry?

In the industrial revolution, the cij printer is an indispensable type of coding and marking equipment for manufacturers. With the improvement of various standards for safety production, most products will be marked by cij printers in the future. Because of the market demand, large and small inkjet printer supply and service companies have emerged in recent years. Buyers who are not familiar with the inkjet printer industry will inevitably fall into the price trap. There are three key reasons:    one: lack of understanding of inkjet printer knowledge, leading to the trap of dishonest inkjet printer suppliers; for example: cij printers The machine is equipped with a consumable timing chip, which causes the follow-up cost and maintenance cost to be scary. Without a perfect after-sales service network, the machine fails to be solved in time.   Two: In the greed for cheap, there is often a failure to work normally when there is no maintenance engineer, which affects the production and causes the risk of breach of contract that cannot be delivered in time.  3: Online transactions, without considering various issues on follow-up services, and other related reasons.  Leadtech reminds companies that need inkjet printers, inkjet printers are high-precision marking equipment, composed of circuits, single-chip software technology and ink circuit technology. If you do not choose an honest and professional company to cooperate with the printer, it will bring a lot of troubles in production and use. Although the principles of inkjet printers are the same, there are still certain differences between the operation and use of machines of different brands and the actual coding process. The inkjet coding requirements of the production date are used for analysis. The inkjet marking equipment passes a One ink dot is used in a non-contact manner to form a dot matrix font on the surface of the product. If the printing is incomplete, some parameters of the inkjet printer need to be adjusted. However, when an employee resigns using a company's inkjet printer, new employees need to be trained by professional inkjet printer after-sales engineers. No matter how good the equipment is, there are faults. If there is no good after-sales service, it is equivalent to buying a trouble.   Cooperate with an honest professional service company for inkjet printers to obtain reliable after-sales guarantee! For small character inkjet printer technology, it can be said to be the type with the longest development time. After decades of technology and production experience, the price of small character inkjet printers has gradually become transparent, and the production cost has been reduced. Some imports Brand inkjet printers are also made in China. In order to allow our customers to buy high-quality branded cij printers; do not buy the most expensive or cheapest, but the most suitable for their own use. When buying a machine, you must not only look at network promotion data and salesman sales. Instead, go to the seller’s company to see if the site is professional and formal. Before purchasing, be sure to let the seller calculate the subsequent use cost by using relevant data such as the price of the subsequent use of consumables, maintenance cost and so on. Whether the service is timely. Now the market of inkjet printers is chaotic, some just sell and no service, and some use cheap machines to let customers fall into the trap of high maintenance and high usage cost. In 2016, when the price of inkjet printers is more transparent, the product configuration is clear, and the price range is not large, through the understanding of the product, I believe that customers can understand clearly how to choose to buy through some of the above inkjet printer purchase knowledge. The safe and suitable inkjet marking equipment, whether it is laser or ink, is the most widely used equipment in this era.

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Many of the cij printer listed here can be purchased for less money, but in general we recommend paying a slightly higher price for significantly improved performance. These are our top choices and their recommended configurations.

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