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It is time to understand how drugs under the laser marking machine is back to do better

we all know drugs are often contacts in the People's Daily life into a commodity, to say the medicine and the life safety and health of people have a direct connection, drugs can help people in the prevention, treatment, the body has some disease, do have a purpose of adjusting human body's physiological function and alleviate the illness. Thus whether consumers or relevant law enforcement departments to the problem are attaches great importance to the safety of the drug, substandard medicines will be central and relevant law enforcement departments to crack down on, as longevity that paragraph of time all creatures 'rabies vaccine fraud' is the same time.

when these problems are the problems such as vaccines, drugs, drug should should be how to do can make better use of big data to query the product flow and problem of product recall quickly, in order to reduce the damage for society and consumers? And when consumer is buying drugs and how to judge the product quality problems? One of the most basic reason is the necessity of all kinds of information on the drug package: production date, origin, number, barcode, anti-counterfeiting code, qr code, raw materials, etc. The presence of these information not only can help consumers better understand the product information ( The traces the source of goods) , at the same time also can better help related departments to supervise product and help enterprises to better management products.

but there are a lot of fake commodities on the market or the information products are changed, how to effectively avoid the occurrence of such events? The simplest method is to choose the drug laser marking machine to realize its outer packing of identity information code, at the same time with drug laser marking machine is able to do better drug traceability system. Under the traditional form of fu code can easily be unethical dealers to change of information, not only harm the rights of consumers, the traces the source of information of goods would appear problem, it is easy to cause market disruption.

why drugs laser marking machine to be able to trace system do better? Mainly because of drug laser marking equipment is a kind of zero consumables non-contact environmental marking, the information that it marked is permanent, and combined with the object of processed surface of marking equipment, no more modification of information will help keep the normal operation of drugs on the market. At the same time can also more real trace each kind of chemicals from the factory, transportation, sales, etc. , for detailed information on each link, can say to your resume for each drug a independent and unique qr code identification information. About drugs the traceability process including: the distribution of the drug safety code acquisition, drug safety code, drug safety code marking ( Need to use drug laser marking machine) , drug safety code scanning, drug safety code and drug information to upload.

under the action of drugs traceability system, regular drug manufacturers produced will be by the drug regulatory department to give its corresponding qr code ( Drug safety code) , is the only and true. Through such a way to ensure the safety of the drug problem, when the drug problems also able to quickly recall, reduces the likelihood of its long-term circulation in the market, also can better protect the safety of the broad masses names.

above all, drugs laser marking machine in drug traceability system plays an irreplaceable role, drug laser code traceability system can better ensure drugs are in strict accordance with the standard mode to production, circulation, and gradually become the effective tool to prevent and eliminate illegal business. Drug laser marking machine also can be in the food, cosmetic, beverage and other industries widely used, to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers have also played a vital role. Laser marking equipment has increasingly become one of the important tool of product quality and safety problems.

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