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Know the three misunderstandings of buying inkjet printers

When buying cij printers, many people will first consider handheld inkjet printers. When looking for inkjet printers, the first thing they will consult is handheld inkjet printers. As everyone knows, different inkjet printer models and suitable products are also different. Today, Oulance inkjet printer manufacturers share three misunderstandings when buying inkjet printers. I hope that the purchasers of enterprises don’t know which ones to choose. The model of the inkjet printer is of certain help.   Misunderstanding 1: The handheld inkjet printer is cheap, easy to use, and suitable for all industries.   Many people purchase inkjet printers for handheld inkjet printers in the early stage of purchasing, so the understanding of inkjet printers is also for handheld inkjet printers. Here, Oulance wants to emphasize that this idea is wrong. According to the working mode of the inkjet printer, it can be divided into two types: handheld inkjet printer and online cij printer. But not all products are suitable for handheld printers. The working conditions required by the handheld inkjet printer are mainly on the surface of large objects, mainly in contact mode, relying on the scroll wheel in front of the nozzle of the handheld inkjet printer, allowing the handheld inkjet printer to slide while printing. Then take the bottle cap coding in the beverage industry as an example, the area of u200bu200bthe bottle cap itself is very small, and it is basically impossible to print a code with a handheld cij printer.   Misunderstanding 2: The printer can replace the inkjet printer. As we all know, the price of inkjet printers ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Faced with the high price of inkjet printers, many small and medium-sized enterprises have to consider the production cost when purchasing. Many people will consider the function of inkjet printers. Similar to the coding machine, the price of an ordinary coding machine only needs a few hundred yuan to realize the code assignment. When it comes to coding machines, Oulance needs to emphasize that coding machines cannot replace inkjet printers. The reason is very simple. The printer is not like the inkjet printer, that is, spray and dry. The product marked by the printer will lose the code except for the paper packaging. After the code, there is no need to worry about the problem of code dropping.   Misunderstanding 3: The quality of inkjet printers is the same, the cheaper the price, the more cost-effective. are actually the same as cars, mobile phones, and household appliances in our daily lives. Quality is the prerequisite to ensure the stable operation of inkjet printers. When purchasing printers, many users will say: The machines are all the same, and the machine is not good enough, just buy a cheap inkjet printer.' Here, the Oulance inkjet printer wants to say: the inkjet printer is one of the essential equipment in production. Choosing a good inkjet printer is also a necessary condition to ensure production. The quality of the inkjet printer cannot be judged from its appearance. Only when it is actually used can the quality of the inkjet printer be understood. The quality of the printer is directly proportional to the price of the printer.

Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the date coding machine is managed.

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