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Knowledge of safe use of inkjet printer

In recent years, the application of labeling technology has gradually penetrated into every corner of production and life, especially in the industry. The application range has become wider and the complexity of the application has greatly increased, making the labeling indispensable in the production of various industries. important parts of. The inkjet printer is a common machine in most factories. The following inkjet printer manufacturer technology Co., Ltd. will tell you about the safe use of inkjet printers.

How to use the inkjet printer safely, the cij printer manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes the following methods, and summarizes the specific protection and first aid measures for customers

1. Fire prevention. Most cij printers use ketone-based or alcohol-based inks, and most of the cleaning fluids used contain ketones and alcohol. These chemical reagents are flammable and explosive, so when they are used too heavy, we must pay attention to prevent fire. Any used cleaning materials, such as paper towels for wiping, are a fire hazard. These materials must be recovered in time after use and treated in a safe manner. Do not use water to extinguish fires caused by electrical appliances. If water must be used to extinguish a fire caused by nitrocellulose ink, the power must be disconnected first. Many inks contain nitrocellulose as a binder, so they are very flammable when dry, and oxygen is generated when they are burned. Therefore, cooling methods such as water are a better choice for fire extinguishing.

2, daily maintenance.

The nozzle is one of the important parts of the inkjet printer, and it is also one of the delicate parts. The use of the nozzle focuses on the maintenance and maintenance. The quality of the maintenance and maintenance directly determines the use effect and service life of the nozzle , How to make your equipment bring greater profits. Extending the working life of the nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs.

Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. now lists the methods to extend the service life of the nozzles as follows:

Environment: If the working environment of the indoor equipment is not very good, dust can easily enter the main engine The ink cartridge goes to the secondary ink cartridge and then enters the nozzle again, which affects the printing effect of the nozzle and shortens the service life of the nozzle.

Operation: The nozzle part of the nozzle surface cannot rub against any objects, and the fine hairs are easy to hang on the nozzle surface. Cause blockage and dripping, thereby affecting the coding effect. Therefore, it is also very important to operate the equipment with strict license requirements.

Auxiliary accessories: Every accessory on the machine has its purpose, do not remove it at will. Like main cartridge, sub cartridge, filter, etc.

Ink: The quality of the ink directly affects the quality of the picture and the nozzles. Use the ink recommended by the equipment manufacturer, because these inks have undergone rigorous and long-term testing, which guarantees the equipment to the nozzles.

Note: Do not add anything to the ink at will.

3. Maintenance

Before stopping and powering off the printer, the nozzle must be cleaned, and the nozzle must be placed on a moisturizing sponge pad. The nozzle cover can ensure the nozzle condition and coding quality, and also extend the service life of the nozzle to a certain extent.

4. Print head maintenance

The print head is the fragile core part of the printer, so the print head must be handled gently to avoid damage to the above components. The aperture of the nozzle piece of the inkjet printer is between 45 microns and 72 microns, and the recovery hole is about 2 mm in diameter. All these two parts must be cleaned separately before stopping.

Safety precautions for cij printers:

1. Avoid touching your mouth

2, no smoking near the machine

3, wearing Wear protective glasses

4. Wear protective gloves

5. In order to avoid high levels of MEK in the air, there should be good ventilation

6. When detecting and printing, use a metal beaker and ground it

7. Dispose of the waste liquid properly

8. Clean up the spilled liquid in time

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