코딩 분야의 선두 제조업체 & 2011년부터 마킹 산업.


LEAD TECH, a dynamic and innovative high-tech enterprise, was founded in May 2011. Based in Zhuhai, China, our ISO-certified company specializes in producing continuous inkjet printers, laser marking machines, piezo inkjet printers and offers customized solutions for the identification plaform. Our products and services are suitable for all

kinds of coding solutions that cater to various industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, cable, electronics and so on.

With quality as the foundation, market-oriented, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and excellence, this concept has not changed since its inception. LEAD TECH is always committed to providing innovative technology and superior services to help our partners worldwide improve efficiency and reduce production costs, and is determined to become the global leading brand of inkjet printers.

Found in 2011
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Office Add : Floor 3/4, Building 1, No. 728, Jinhu Road, Sanzao Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City
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