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Laser coding machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-06

With the development of the Made in China 2025 policy, the rapid development of mold laser welding equipment is obvious to all. The laser welding machine leads the technology team to develop the first laser cutting machine, the first welding machine, and the first mechanical punching compound machine in China. With the mold laser welding equipment, from scratch, from good to excellent, from good to fine, the rise and development of the laser welding industry.

Major well-known laser companies have launched mold laser welding equipment in China. Among them, the well-known Bote brand has been recognized by consumers. The three characteristics of high quality, high safety, and high stability” have achieved very good sales performance. Among them, the sales and reputation of 300W mold laser welding machine are the envy of major laser brands. Today, let’s talk about the development story of mold laser welding machine.

Development story of mold laser welding machine

In December 2010, it focused on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of complete sets of high-power mold laser welding equipment processing equipment.

In July 2012, it took the lead in entering the slit screen pipe cutting market;

In 2013, it gave up the cutting pipe and changed it to optical fiber in time. Write a bold stroke.

In 2014, the power of mold welding machine was from 100W, 200W and even 300W today;

Laser equipment market environment

In ' In the context of 'Made in China 2025Among the ten key areas released by this strategy, the demand for high-end laser technologies such as laser welding and laser cutting in aerospace equipment, new energy vehicles and other fields will be continuously released, and the laser welding processing equipment industry will move towards automation and intelligence. , multi-functional integration and the direction of interconnection.

In the process of mold laser welding machine research and development

Bote Laser focuses on customer value! This is from the beginning of business, insisting on honesty and pursuing innovation It is regarded as the gene that drives enterprise innovation. The future goal is to stick to 'Made in China 2025' and build the company into the most innovative intelligent and interconnected industrial cluster.

Mold is a basic tool for industrial production and processing or metal processing, which shows its wide application. The traditional surface welding technology of mold materials is difficult to meet the requirements for higher performance of the mold. For many user concerns. The welding characteristics of other laser welding machines are that there will be no deformation, pores, trachoma, etc., which greatly improves the aesthetics and performance of the mold.

What are the advantages of mold laser welding machine

The application of laser welding in mold industry is the typical example of mold repair laser Welding machine, this equipment is easy for operators to use, can greatly improve the speed of welding repair, and the repair effect and precision are close to perfect, which makes this equipment widely used in the field of mold welding. The repair welding heat-affected area of u200bu200bthis kind of welding machine is very small, and it does not need to be heated in advance, and the welded workpiece will not be annealed after work. This laser welding repair technology can not only be used for the repair of mold wear, but also can achieve precise welding of small and precise areas, and there will be no deformation or pores after repair.

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