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Laser Inkjet Matters and Frequently Asked Questions

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-10

Safe production and standardized operation. It is believed that every factory has such a display slogan. The operation of laser marking machine is also strictly standardized. Although the current machine is highly automated production, it does not require manual operation of the process. But in many cases, it is still inseparable from labor. The following are some safety specifications for the laser marking machine to operate the nameplate marking machine: .

1. It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and Q-switched power supply under the condition of no water or abnormal water circulation.

2. No-load operation of the Q power supply is not allowed (ie, the output terminal of the Q-switched power supply is suspended).

3. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs, first turn off the galvanometer switch and the key switch, and then check again.

4. It is not allowed to start other components before the krypton lamp is lit to prevent high voltage from entering and damaging the components.

5. Note that the output end (anode) of the laser power supply should be left in the air to prevent ignition and breakdown with other electrical appliances.

6. Keep the inner circulating water clean, regularly clean the water laser marking chassis and replace it with clean deionized water or pure water.

Laser marking machines are widely used in many fields, whether it is industrial, medical, scientific, manufacturing and other industries, there will be no shortage of laser marking machines, although laser marking The machine is a highly automated process in use, but it still needs the assistance and inspection of the operator. In production, safety is the first priority, so it is still necessary to be very careful in the process of using the laser marking machine. Only when you are familiar with the operation can you avoid it. In the event of a failure, the laser marking machine gives some safe operation specifications: .

1. Safety checks must be done before operation. There is an emergency stop button on the operation panel of the laser marking machine. This button is used in a very emergency situation. For use, if you press such a red button, all axes will stop moving at this time, and the high voltage of the laser will be turned off. If the UV laser marking machine is in a very emergency during operation, just press This button will stop the machine immediately.

2. When entering the safety door, the machine must be stopped first. A safety door will be installed on the front of the laser marking machine. This safety door is closed. The space where various rotating shafts operate. If the machine tool can work normally, the safety door will be closed. At this time, the operator must not enter the safety door for maintenance work. If you need to enter for inspection, you must first stop the machine. At this time The power to the machine can be turned off or the emergency button can be pressed.

Frequently asked questions about laser marking machines.

Laser marking machine is a very common machine in the industry. It can print patterns, patterns, verification codes and other signs on products, and use laser marking for a long time. The machine will also have some failure problems. If it cannot be solved in time, it may have a great impact on the delivery time of the product. Most of the failure problems cannot be solved by us. The maintenance of the marking machine is also more troublesome, and there are some small problems that we can solve by ourselves. The laser marking machine teaches you some common problems of the laser marking machine and how to solve them:.

Failure 1: The laser intensity drops and the marking is not clear enough.

Solution: .

Whether the laser resonator changes, fine-tune the resonator mirror to make the output spot the best.

If the acousto-optic crystal is offset or the output energy of the acousto-optic power supply is low, adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of the acousto-optic power supply.

The laser entering the galvanometer is off-center: adjust the laser.

If the current is adjusted to about 20A and the photosensitive intensity is not enough: the krypton lamp is aging, replace it with a new one.

Fault 2: The krypton lamp cannot be triggered.

Solution: .

Check all power cables.

The high pressure krypton lamp is aging, replace the krypton lamp.

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