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Laser marking machine can call a qr code - Qr code laser marking machine

At present, the qr code in manufacturing information management system, the application of food and drug industries has been very mature, demand for two-dimensional code identification is becoming more and more big. Traditional way of qr code mark is ink and inkjet printing code, tags in this way the qr code is not clear, qr code will not be cleared, mark easily fall off and erase, easy to use by illegal molecules, fake and inferior products. With the development of laser technology, laser marking machine gradually appear in people's field of vision. Unlike traditional spray coding method, laser marking machine the qr code is exquisite durable, do not need to erase. Through the industrial computer control, use contactless tags on products is conducted by laser beam, laser marking clearly, fast and suitable for large-scale online marking, and high efficiency and no pollution. Qr code laser marking machine can mark on products of various materials of choiceness, permanent qr code standard, the application scope of different series laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine is mainly on the glass, the text on the function of optical fiber laser marking processing metal pattern information, CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used for leather and wood products.

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