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Laser marking machine couldn't play the word is how to return a responsibility, what's the solution?

Laser marking machine couldn't play the word is how to return a responsibility, what's the solution? Simply explain the reason and solution here, hope I can help you. Laser marking machine failure may be caused by a variety of reasons such as: software parameter setting error, light path error, power failure or damage, the control signal lines cut off, the plug failure, caused by the failure of control card, laser, the reasons are as follows: 1. Due to software parameters of the wrong type, we can first check our type of equipment purchase, if the optical fiber, then set it to optical fiber, the other is set to the other. 2. Aiming at the cause of the light path error, should be the correct adjustment direct light path. 3. Because of the power without a good or damaged, please plug the power supply, and using other equipment check whether the power supply is normal work, if not, you may need to relevant professional personnel for repair. 4. May be the cause of the control signal is cut off, reconnect the breakpoint 6. According to laser damage reason: change the laser 7. Normally excluding equipment fault itself, that is file has a problem, software cannot identify fonts, so laser machine was not a word. Problems of the machine is to contact the manufacturer to after-sales first, under the guidance of technical staff to solve the fault of the machine. Don't alone to solve fault, after all, we are not professional.

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