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Laser Marking Machine, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Metal Laser Marking Machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-05

Laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, metal laser marking machine, use a laser beam to remove a specific part of the metal material, so as to achieve the desired effect or logo. In metal engraving applications, the laser beam acts like a chisel used in engraving, chiseling away excess metal material.

Metal laser marking is divided into two types: shallow engraving and deep engraving. Generally, the engraving depth of shallow engraving is 5 to 25; the depth of deep engraving is generally deeper, and the specific depth depends on different materials, the power of the laser used, filling, and the time and number of engravings.

Shallow carving is mainly used for various tools and parts to make permanent marks on the surface. Deep carving is mainly used for carving abrasive tools, seals, etc. Generally speaking, the engraving depth is related to factors such as the absorption of the laser by the engraved material, the power of the laser, and the action time of the laser on the engraved material. Deep carving usually requires a longer action time. On the surface of various metal materials, deep engraving and shallow engraving can be carried out, such as engraving identification codes, company trademarks, and more complex images, LOGO, etc.

Laser has many advantages over traditional mechanical metal engraving in metal engraving:

1. Laser engraving does not need to contact the workpiece to be engraved, so many fixtures and tools are saved , and the workpiece will not generate internal stress after marking to ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece.

2. No corrosion to the working surface, no 'tool' wear, no poison, no pollution.

3. The high-precision characteristics of laser engraving are especially suitable for the processing of complex graphics.

4. The mark will not fade due to environmental relations (touch, acid and reducing gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.), and has high anti-counterfeiting properties.

5. Non-contact: Laser marking is processed by non-mechanical 'light knife

6. Low operating cost: The marking speed is fast and the marking is formed at one time, and the energy consumption is small, so the operating cost is low. Although the equipment investment of laser marking machine is larger than that of traditional marking equipment, in terms of operating cost, using laser marking machine is much lower.

Mainly used in: electronic components, hardware products, tool accessories, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision instruments, glasses and watches, jewelry, automobiles Accessories, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, medical equipment and other industries.

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