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Laser marking machine has those functions

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-01

Chengyang laser marking machine, Yantai laser marking machine, Zibo laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is a very advanced laser equipment at present, and its use is quite common, for example It has been used in semiconductor integrated circuit industry, food and beverage industry, jewelry craftsmanship industry and household appliance industry. Compared with traditional mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, screen printing, ink printing and other methods, laser marking machine has higher cost. Low speed, high sensitivity, can be controlled by computer system, and the robustness and permanence of the mark produced by the laser acting on the surface of the workpiece is its outstanding feature.

1. Non-contact: Laser marking is processed by non-mechanical 'light knifeThe original accuracy of the workpiece. There is no corrosion on the surface of the material, no 'tool' wear, no poison, and no purification.

2. Permanence: For example, the marking mark will not decline due to environmental relations (touch, acid and reducing gases, low temperature, high temperature, etc.).

3. Anti-counterfeiting: The logo carved by laser marking technology cannot be copied and changed at will, and has strong anti-counterfeiting to a certain level.

4. Wide applicability: using laser as processing wrist, it can process a variety of metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.).

5. High processing efficiency: The laser beam under computer control can move at high speed (speed up to 5-7 m/s), and the marking process can be completed within a few seconds.

6. Fast development speed: due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users only need to program on the computer to complete the laser printing input, and can change the printing design at any time, basically replacing the traditional The mold manufacturing process provides a convenient tool for extending the product upgrade cycle and flexible production.

7. High engraving precision: The objects engraved by the laser marking machine have precise patterns, the Z line width can reach 0.04mm, and the markings are clear, durable and beautiful.

8. Laser marking can meet the needs of printing a small amount of data on extremely small plastic parts.

9. For example, it can print two-dimensional barcodes that require more accuracy and higher clarity. Compared with embossing or radiation marking, it has stronger market competitiveness.

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