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Laser marking machine in the field of technology into tea boxes, tea sets

China, known as 'the hometown of tea culture, as early as shen nong era with people to tea ceremony custom, since ancient times, the development of tea culture stretches so far. With the development of tea culture for drinking tea is also more and more exquisite, from the packing of the tea to the tea set all embody the tea culture. Make tea tea can't without the packaging, also can't exist without tea, laser marking machine is how to hold the characteristic of tea packing and tea for the tea industry advantage?

the first is the tea packing, any kind of goods is need to packaging, especially for the grocery, commodities without the packaging, will be directly exposed to the air. Air contained in the element is a lot of, long-term exposure to air or bacteria infections are affected by damp and so on, and packaged goods are more convenient in transportation and storage, can not only increase the added value of tea, will also be able to better promote the tea culture. Different factory of tea in the brand logo of the manufacturer is different, the date of the tea factory at the same time, different time also is not the same, just only by the presence of both laser marking machine is very necessary.

followed by the existence of the tea set, when we want to drink tea, is the need to use props. Slightly pay more will buy form a complete set of tea for the tea set, including: the tea tray, tea pot, tea towels, ChaGa,), tea tin, tea cups, boiling water, etc. , the tea set in common materials include: wood, glass, ceramics, stone, etc. , pay attention to the people drinking tea is not just tea, but an artistic conception, is just like the ancient poetry as drinking. And the tea set on the exquisite design, text, logo, etc. In terms of nature is little not, this is without the presence of laser marking machine.

finally say identity information on why the packing of the tea, and tea set on the graphic information will be relevant to the laser marking machine? Laser marking technology is to use the high quality of laser beam in the object surface gasification and produce a form tag, it does not need to use any consumables, and therefore there will be no problems in the traditional screen printing, printing ink printing. Whether the outer package of tea leaves or tea service is also need a variety of different identity information, such ability can highlight brand as well as the important production information. Different laser marking machine can carry on the processing of different material goods, but its processing of tag clean is not permanent performance, for all kinds of complex graphics marking is also.

the tea service of the special class for some goods also can use 3 d laser marking machine precision machining on the surface, whether packaging or packaging gift boxes of tea, or is all kinds of material of the tea set can using laser laser laser marking machine to code. Efficiency of a laser target effect than the traditional form to better, faster processing, when the laser marking machine into tea industry, means that it will be popular and recognized by the industry business. Could not able to improve the level of tea, tea sets, can also reveal the brand, by the love of consumers.

all in all, the smell of tea set, tea packaging culture sense of science and technology of laser marking technology on collocation, can instantly improve the grade of the tea set, tea packaging, from virtually to carry forward the development of Chinese tea culture, make the person shine at the moment. Laser marking machine is no pollution, no material, no direct contact, no distortion, safe and healthy environmental protection, high machining accuracy, high speed, wide application field of a laser marking equipment, promote the development of tea industry.

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