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Laser marking machine replace print logo must be the development trend of the future

we know paper is made of trees, and trees for us to live in the role of environmental protection. Environmental issues has been one of the important problems we have to care about, it is also one of the reasons why Xu Ya advocate environmental protection. If we will have cut down and turn them into paper, you can imagine it would do much damage to the environment, the formation of a big tree takes more than 10 years of time, and to cut only takes a few seconds. Is not to say we won't use paper, recycle and reuse, recycling, but need not blindly only know making paper cut down trees.

now society is different from the past, this is a continuous development of society, so for goods need to paste the paper labels will phase out. A new laser marking machine will instead. Like before we use mobile phone, can you imagine now the Internet developed so fast? The development of smart phones is so fast? Almost everyone is inseparable from the development of the Internet. In turn goods with paper label paste when we not only need to print the information on the paper, also need to use artificial will print out the label paste on the corresponding commodity respectively, and after consumers buy also need to take the time to tear off it before it can be used ( Such as labels on food goods) 。 Don't feel the time is not as good as directly with laser marking machine? Don't need so many tedious steps, the identity information directly into the computer could automatically induction marking. If you are willing to spend so much time and labor costs that it doesn't matter, anyway, profit depends on the businessman oneself know do not know the use and management.

in addition to the basic time and artificial cost, there is another important factor is the protection of the environment problem. We all know that the extensive use of paper requires a lot of trees, trees are the source of the paper, and when trees are cut down, the vegetation will be eroded, and this is why pay treasure to launch the 'forest' ant, called on all together is one of the reasons for planting trees to help the environment. So if the logo no longer need to use the paper goods, then a year can end a lot of waste paper, also can reduce the use of trees. That you may have a doubt: 'now that is environmental protection, the laser marking machine is really green? The use of it is really won't cause pollution to the environment? 'You can be sure to tell you it is not to cause pollution of our environment.

now that reduce the use of the paper is for the sake of environmental protection, environmental protection, so in choosing a laser marking machine must also is environmental protection, will not bring harm to the environment, otherwise it's meaningless to this instead. Why it will not bring harm to environment? Because its use without using any material, it is only with the help of a laser beam on the surface of goods burning and generate markup, the non-contact laser marking method can get a lot of the recognition of the industry, but also reached the standards of environmental protection and safety, the working efficiency of the important is that it really is better than artificial post code efficiency is much higher, don't have to worry about the goods can't production on time.

all in all, the development of The Times is a continuous process, the development of the new things will replace the old things, like goods will need to identify the paper label the old way will be replaced by a new way of laser marking, this is the inevitable trend of social development, laser marking machine also can not get the recognition and use of more and more people, in the future will have more advanced technology will be replaced by we don't know, but now we can know is: laser marking machine replace print logo is one of the inevitable trend of industrial development.

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