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Laser marking machine should choose static marking or dynamic flight marking?

a lot of manufacturers boss when buy laser marking machine always emerges such a question: 'why marking laser marking will be divided into static and dynamic marking two different forms of marking way, that what is the difference between the two, will let play mark effect appeared differences? 'To this question, at first, small make up also just like you have such a doubt, but then gradually after information via the learning, communication and have a certain understanding, below with everyone together to explore the two work forms about laser marking machine.

because of the different forms of work, so the appearance of laser marking machine also has a certain difference, the static target table 2 dynamic dozen mark is our common kind of style. Online flying laser marking is relative to the static laser marking of a form of marking, as the name suggests it is next to the production line products in motion to a form of laser fu are commodity code, put the goods on the conveyor belt, make its after laser machine and automatic induction marking. And static marking is fix on the marking goods before the goods marking was achieved by laser machine.

although said that the two forms of marking way to be able to perform the labeling, but to play there is a difference between target requirements. In general the need of dynamic target requirements than static dozen a much higher, static marking of goods with worry doesn't leak dozens, so most of the time table static laser marking machine will generally choose domestic laser and vibrating mirror, but need according to the actual demand and custom. For flying laser marking machine are almost all adopt imported galvanometer, simply put the two core difference lies in the laser, the galvanometer, control software, etc. The gap between.

anyway, flying laser marking machine is simply following the line work and cooperate with industrial automation, is a reflection of an automated complete tag, you need to set up good each time delay parameters of vibrating mirror, control card processing and modulate the speed of data transmission, vibration mirror and marking speed, etc. Static laser marking machine is a semi-automatic mode of marking, need artificial cooperate up-down material, and put the products in accordance with the order on the workbench, after fulfilling the tag artificial remove a process, it does not need to adjust a target speed, such as delay parameter data.

composite is flying laser marking is a kind of high speed, industrial automation, integration, no additional jobs, reduce staff costs, increase efficiency, improve the work progress of marking a laser marking device; And static laser marking machine is a semi-automatic processing mode, work to maintain the normal operation of the need to increase the job, but the marking effect and the stability of equipment is the same, flying laser marking machine configuration of the hardware equipment than static laser marking machine hardware is much higher.

all in all, regardless of raw manufacturers choose doesn't matter what form of laser marking machine, businesses can choose according to their own actual situation. Any laser marking equipment can be applied in all walks of life, the help from all walks of life to solve product logo, company name, model, the patent number, product batch number, production date, shelf-life, bar code, one dimensional code and qr code, such as a variety of different forms of identity information tags, in order to meet the demand of diverse work.

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