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Laser marking machine that can be used for different materials

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-01

There is no doubt that laser marking is currently a very flexible and simple method of direct part identification or serialization.

By simply changing the various parameters of the laser marking machine, you can mark on many different materials.

This provides unparalleled control, flexibility, quality and speed compared to other types of marking methods.

Use factors such as power output, number of passes, number of pulses, frequency and other factors to perform certain appearance processing on finished parts.

Surface marking: suitable for surface marking that does not penetrate chromium, nickel, gold, silver and other coatings.

Surface coloring: It is common to mark on titanium or stainless steel.

Deep carving: Use a high-power laser to vaporize the material, and then engrave it into the metal substrate.

The common ones are injection molds, jewelry manufacturing and stamping molds.

Ablation: Remove surface treatment (ie, electroplating and paint coating), without damaging the substrate, forming a translucent back circle, which is widely used in backlight material processing, such as backlight buttons.

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