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Laser marking machine would ever be on timber wood processing marking?

a lot of people will think that laser marking machine is used for assigned commodities date code, for a small number of want to use on the wood, wood of users will have doubts for laser marking that often customers will ask such a question: 'laser marking machine is able to on the piece of wood, wood standard? '' the optical fiber laser marking machine is able to play the wood? '' co2 laser marking machine can on the piece of wood, wood processing? 'And so on all kinds of laser marking machine can exactly on the piece of wood, wood standard code problem, thus in order to be able to solve the user for laser can play wood doubts a brief sharing, hope to help you ~

wood is wood as raw materials, after processing production process which is formed by the product, due to the rapid social development of wood processing industry constantly reference of advanced processing technology, the traditional wood products adopt manual sculpture, time consuming, energy, require processors must have superb technology and artistic threshold high requirements, so the wood products industry development is slow. As the laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser equipment, wood products laser marking technology is widely used. High benefit, high precision of CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine and other kinds of laser marking machine, prompting rising in the wood products industry.

with laser marking machine in wood products can reduce manual sculpture of sex, but also can improve the efficiency of production. If use the traditional manual sculpture, necessarily is not in conformity with the commodity processing requirements. Any one industry for commodity production efficiency are required, if not meet customer expectations, then customer may not cooperate with you again. And for the wood industry, choose laser marking machine is able to improve the production efficiency, laser marking machine has a dynamic code and static code both options, choose according to different requirements of different processing methods, improve the efficiency of production as a whole.

with laser marking machine on the piece of wood, wood fu code will not be burnt or is not clear to happen? Elegant. prosper id tell you this is not, although the working principle of laser marking machine is made by high energy laser in the surface layer of wood products, the size, but it is produced by high energy laser beam will not damage the lumber itself, and therefore don't have to worry about this thing, at the same time with laser marking machine engraving information is more clear, fuzzy phenomenon does not exist. Laser marking machine is different from the printing ink, ink printing is using ink attachment on a wood surface, and laser marking machine is not need to use any material used, combined with material directly, there is no rub off.

all in all, with the continuous development of society, more and more elegant chic wood products widely popular among consumers, promote the wood processing industry to flourish, the classification of the wood has a lot of, the most common form of wooden products, office furniture wood products, wood products, packaging, wood products and high-tech wood products such as life, and the emergence of laser marking machine can accord with the definition of fine wood, also can meet the demand of consumers. Thus the laser marking machine is able to carved in wood, wood and wood products.

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