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Laser marking question: can you play the other colors using a laser marking machine?

laser marking technology has been affecting the sign industry development, especially for laser processing industry, laser marking machine also gradually become an indispensable part of marking devices, even instead of many traditional forms of marking, merchants recognized by all walks of life. In spite of this, the businessman to the underlying demand remains diversification, is not a single form of marking, but the color marking, we all know that the laser marking machine marking out the limitation of identity information is always between black and white and gray, no color tag. So for our laser marking machine often have a kind of a question: 'when I need to print color tag can use laser marking machine? '

we all know that if you are using the cij printer that will be able to print color tag, spurt the cij printer can print out the color tag, consumables, mainly because of the cij printer is needed a ink and ink color is diverse. But on the contrary, laser marking machine is it does not require any consumables, this leads to the client will understand for laser marking technology point of view will not be able to realize. But the fact is not all right but not all wrong, is simply the current laser marking technology is not able to ensure that all of the laser marking equipment can realize color, but still have individual special laser marking equipment is to be able to realise the color, such as optical fiber laser marking machine.

although fiber of color laser marking machine is able to play for their goods, but also does not mean that all optical fiber laser marking machine is able to realize, is limited to the department of optical fiber laser marking machine, which adopted the MOPA fiber laser pulse technology to the needs of the implementation. Normally stainless steel, titanium, chromium, aluminum and other metal products to meet the main color requirements, optical fiber play color mainly by adjusting the laser beam to change the material surface to make it change color, colour different adornment effect is achieved. So about customer want goods using laser marking device color are well solve the problem.

in the early studies have shown that if you want to color of metal tag, you need to strictly control when marking laser pulse energy and pulse width, at the same time of high frequency and low pulse laser is very suitable for its use, due to the optical fiber laser marking machine has the adjustable pulse parameters and the quality of laser beam quality, as long as can be implemented through strict control of heat into the metal surface color tag. Normally when the color of the stainless steel to play the color will change as follows: orange, red, purple, blue, green, blue, green, blue, green, yellow green, yellow, orange, red, but in accordance with the porsche factory still want to remind the businessman should pull test results before marking, when deciding whether to buy, can save time and cost is not necessarily so.

wei jie optical fiber laser marking machine direct electric semiconductor laser modulation as seed source ( MOPA) Scheme of fiber laser with perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability. Compared with the Q fiber laser, MOPA fiber laser pulse frequency and pulse width is controlled independently, through two laser parameter adjustment is tie-in, can achieve peak value of the constant power output, and can apply to the wider on the substrate. On colour, dozen black compared with ordinary laser code for the device has the absolute advantage.

what has been discussed above, the most customers for laser marking machine can be used to play the color of this problem can be addressed by the fiber laser marking machine, but it is limited to own MOPA son as a source of fiber laser can achieve. It also satisfied the different needs of different customers for marking, and is not a single demand, wide variety of choices to better meet the market demand.

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