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Laser marking technology of a new discovery: IC card information efficient marking equipment

IC card is short for integrated circuit card, has the characteristics such as information security, easy to carry, is widely used in public transportation card, id card, bank CARDS, membership CARDS, SIM CARDS, metrocards, door card, room card, card, and other fields, it is will have a microprocessor and large capacity storage of integrated circuit chips embedded in them, in order to achieve the effect of information related to certification and use. Just as we go to the supermarket to buy commodity present your card, and then we used to buy goods of integral card, able to scan the membership card that membership card card number, account name, such as integral corresponding to the detailed information. Everybody presence of IC card, IC card the existence of the daily production has brought great convenience to people.

IC card this is easy to carry custody, and to be able to simplify this information is stored in the form of, and more and more becomes the multitudinous enterprise businesses will be a kind of widely used, with the wide application of IC card packaging printing, and the development of the identified business are becoming more common, is become a trend. For IC card identification information such as text, graphic, logo on the tag for the logo printing industry has brought business opportunities. Laser marking technology is also seen in IC card identification information on demand to the new development direction.

in the past about laser marking machine is the first thing we think of is used in the food packaging industry, daily chemical industry, cosmetics industry, medicine and other industries in the commodity number, serial number, production date, batch number, validity and other information, what we all think that laser marking can only be used in common commodities to realize marking effect, often ignored the laser marking label printing date is not that simple, and which is not only used in common in the retail commodities so simple, but used in a wide variety of need to use on marking printing products, this is a laser mark advantage. So for all the information on the IC card is to use laser marking machine to achieve the accurate identification information code.

you might concern that using a laser laser laser marking machine on the IC card tag, will impact on the performance of card chip, chip damage lead to not be able to use? Small make up to be sure you are not, high-speed laser marking is the marking of contact pattern, it is through the rapid formation on the surface of high-energy laser beam in IC design, the information such as text, logo marking. Does not have a lot of force on the IC card cause IC card damage, more will not be set in the damage of the chip inside. Laser marking machine can automatic jump code, to ensure the IC card codes are not the same.

can be used on IC card used there are several kinds of laser marking equipment, is the most common optical fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, of course, the other is also can use laser marking equipment. Able to form a permanent mark on IC card, in the absence of any consumables which leaves a mark. This is a traditional brush ink, thermal transfer printing can not accomplish technology could not endure to a marking effect.

what has been discussed above, it doesn't matter whether to use what kind of authority marking equipment, the key is whether you choose marking equipment can meet the demand of IC card to play mark. After wei in accordance with the tests will be 10 w of the optical fiber laser marking machine used in IC, about to complete 750 mark. Different laser marking machine can be used by the material is different, the IC card manufacturers in selecting laser marking equipment can choose according to the main material of IC card, so as to better meet their needs.

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