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Laser marking technology plays a decisive role in the assignment of identification code

with the development of laser marking technology, more and more people for laser marking machine has a new understanding, and laser marking technology also plays a decisive role in the sign industry, especially in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, auto parts, building materials and other industries. Laser marking is actually a kind of using high energy density of laser irradiation was carried out on the processed goods, make the material of the surface to form a kind of vaporization or is the color of chemical reaction, eventually in the processed goods form a permanent mark in the surface of a form of marking.

why do we say laser marking technology in logo will play a decisive role in the assigned code? First is the importance of the assignment of identification code, we all know that almost any kind of goods on the market is inseparable from the existence of identity information, when we go to the supermarket, convenience stores, boutiques to purchase goods when will see different information, according to the different goods like we go to the supermarket to buy yogurt, then we will see the yogurt brand, date, shelf life etc. There are competition relations between different brands and businesses to the difference between a, you need for the design of the trademark logo and tag on the goods. The second is the necessity of production date, date of production can influence consumers to purchase the decisive. These information are shown on commodity packaging, but this kind of information permanent identification can be achieved by laser marking technology.

second, the existence of the logos fu code is important, so also can be in the form of the traditional yards? The traditional screen printing, sticker label, of course, also can, but the traditional processing will inevitably there are a lot of shortcomings. Sticker label sticker is not only a waste of resources, as well as easy to loss, damage, and can't keep their state unchanged for a long time. Screen printing processing not only waste material cost, at the same time, use of material is sprayed printed information is not permanent, easy to change, it is easier to be counterfeit. Low efficiency of traditional processing forms, there are various defects such as, the effect not beautiful, not clear.

in the end, the advantages of laser marking machine is to solve the traditional processing of various defects, but also meet the assignment of various industries for the labeling information code of standards. Laser marking can achieve a variety of Chinese and English word, symbol, design, logo printing, qr code, bar code and other information, can play mark size from mm to microns, anti-counterfeiting of the product has a unique role. Processing speed is 2 times more than traditional processing form, does not require any consumables, under the condition of reducing the material cost and improve the efficiency of production and processing. Now laser marking machine has been widely used in the field of the various materials processing, including plastic products, handicrafts, food packaging, PVC board, PCB, bags etc. Nonmetal industries, as well as precision instrument and meter, auto parts, coal machinery, household electrical appliances and other metal industry, there are some special materials, can see the figure of the laser marking machine.

given all this, laser marking machine technology as a modern fine processing of advanced equipment, to meet the industrial 4. Zero on the assignment of identification code of the diverse demand, at the same time also can satisfy the people demand for high-end high-quality goods, help enterprises to improve the grade of products, gradually replace the traditional marker in the assignment of identification code forms, and plays a decisive role.

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