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Laser printers are gradually replacing inkjet printers

Careful friends often find the production date and expiration date printed on food packaging or beverage bottles. Of course, they will also see information on some large products. In fact, these are all sprayed on by inkjet printers, many years ago The date above you was printed with an cij printer. You may erase the date by erasing it. Now you will find that the above words are directly engraved on the bottle and cannot be erased. Then you know what the reason is. NS? Of course not, the following is an announcement for us: the reason is that laser printers are gradually replacing cij printers.

Currently, the goals of using coding skills are mainly divided into two categories. One is product packaging, which is mainly distributed in occupations such as food, beverages, alcohol and medicine; the other is the product itself, that is, the product itself is marked with its standard, type, etc., so that it becomes a part of the product itself, and is mainly distributed Careers in wire and cable, building materials, electronic products and business printing.

In the application of some beverage bottles, this type is more commonly used. For some large fonts, large-character cij printers are needed. This product is widely used in food, electronics, printing and other occupations, with a high utilization rate and a very good effect.

The advantage of the laser type relative to the inkjet type is that it is more precise and environmentally friendly. Although the current inkjet type is also using environmentally friendly ink, no matter what kind of ink can not be recycled, and the drying degree of the ink on the surface of different raw materials is also different. In this way, the operation time becomes longer. Of course, these ink-jet defects are precisely the advantages of lasers. Therefore, the laser type is more widely used.

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