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Laser printers will replace inkjet printers

Compared with ink jet printers, laser printers are a more advanced inkjet technology. It is controlled by an industrial computer to automatically print Chinese and English, graphics and anti-counterfeiting marks on the product. The marking speed is fast, clear and beautiful, not erasable, easy to operate, reliable, hygienic and safe, and suitable for continuous operation on the production line. Especially because it does not use ink, it greatly reduces the operating cost of the machine and its pollution to the environment during use, which meets people's requirements for ink safety and low pollution to a certain extent. Moreover, it has a wide range of applications and many applicable materials, and it has been widely and common in foreign markets. All non-metal or non-metal packaging materials can be marked with CO2 online laser machine, and metal and hard plastic bottle caps can be marked with YAG, semiconductor or optical fiber online laser machine. Nowadays, in many industries, especially medicine, food and other industries, laser printers are increasingly replacing cij printers. For more information about laser printers, fiber lasers, and laser marking machines, please visit our official website:

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