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Laser technology a new discovery: iot sign industry alliance to laser marking machine with the new definition

on December 13, 2018, in 'links to code assigned to the future' as the theme of the 4th China iot sign industry in 2018 to share the conference was held in anhui hefei. China international electronic commerce center, the article numbering center of China, China fushi circulation association food safety and information traceability branch participation and related association.

in the meeting, iot sign industry alliance ( Hereinafter referred to as the alliance) Was formally established, domino, vice director of the unit as a iot sign industry alliance, council member of the and send representatives to attend the opening ceremony. Alliance from hefei friends high Internet of things more than a dozen companies such as identification, domino joint, since then, sign industry had the take-off platform.

the 40th anniversary of the positive domino group established in 2018, the domino the 40 years of history is the epitome of the development of fu code identification industry. From continuous inkjet technology research and development, the dominoes along the witness fu code technology in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and in-depth application of the industry and other industries, and whether it is serialized identification, tracing back, or promotional interaction identification technology innovation and deepening of solution is always the motive force of development. Domino believe that in the era of the Internet of things, sign industry will create value in the three story line. Identification equipment into highly interconnected and coordination of manufacturing execution system, open to the data collection, management, analysis equipment to realize real predictive maintenance, and a physical link up a yard ground objects connected to the world.

as vice President of units, alliance domino believe work through constructing iot sign industry ecological system, the alliance will establish parties communication coordination mechanism, strengthen the cooperation between the industrial chain of each enterprise, achieve mutual benefit and jointly promote the sign industry sustainable development.

domino will hand in hand with the iot logo, sign industry in three continuous diligence on the thread of the story line. Look to identify, domino today, hope that in the presence of a technology inflection point cluster, rally collective power of sign industry, in the fog is full of illusion and delusion interference, a dark day seem bright, create a better future.

to see the development of the Internet of sign industry will drive the development of the printing machine, laser marking machine, particularly for the laser marking machine. Under the impact of the Internet of things sign industry, the businessman for commodity label assigned code has more on the level of demand, such as how to ensure identification information and permanent, how can more improve the precision of mark, how to improve the efficiency of a target, how to reduce the cost of consumables, how can let users more at ease, how to ensure the safety of the equipment use, how to reduce the probability of information been tampered with, meet the demand of the marking on the different material and meet the diversity of identity information code, etc. Series of problems. There are a lot of ink laser marking machine is not able to solve the problem, all of these diverse demand for laser marking machine on the assigned code with the new definition.

all in all, the development of the Internet of sign industry has very big development space for many industries, said industry of laser laser laser marking machine or ink printing industry or is assigned a code for industries such as screen printing has great development space, businesses should stand on the customer's needs to consider so as to realize the maximization of the benefit of and is not just unilateral demand.

With technology speeding up in lighting speed, have created quite a name for itself amidst date coding machine and it happens to have a lot of benefits as well.

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