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1, spurt the code machine use consumables ( Ink, solvent) For flammable volatile items, use naked light 5 metres away and shall ensure that the equipment used in ventilation, dry environment.

2, cleaning nozzle should wear protective glasses, protective gloves, forbidden to wear contact lenses, avoid the material liquid directly into the eyes or other parts of the body, if accidentally splashed liquid in the eyes or mouth, should use amount of top water wash immediately and go to a hospital checking.

3, avoid inhaling emissions of flying objects, the other is a flammable, will cause adverse to the body, not to speak of abandoned ink, thinner or detergent directly into the pool of water, sewage, should adopt the correct approach.

4, spurt the code machine should be placed near a fire extinguisher, and forbid anyone to smoking.

5, spurt the code machine should be installed in the shelf without vibration, flat, otherwise it will affect the effect of the spray print

6, spurt the code machine should guarantee the good grounding, repair bad grounding will have interference, also affects spray printing effect, the bottom line of the link must be grounding resistance as far as possible the minimum ( Less than 1 ohm)

7, any type of spurt the cij printer boot, shutdown procedures need to be strictly enforced, do not turn off the power supply directly, otherwise it will cause a series of failure

8, machinist should regularly check the consumption of ink, solvent, absolute lack of ink and solvent are prohibited to run any kind of equipment

9, when perfusion or cleaning operations should use solvent resistant gloves and protective mirror, should keep the spurt the code machine overall clean, because of the dry ink flammable, stenciling unit circuit board, the cabin health to do clean the monthly department, in order to avoid dust electrostatic interference influence the effect of jet printing.

10, mechanical and electrical source with the surrounding equipment (separately Sealing machine, tying machine, packaging machine) , it won't impact because of the surrounding equipment downtime or to check repair stenciling unit, any jet. the not according to normal shutdown directly will affect the stability of the blackout, and even lead to failure.

11, spurt the code machine itself has the function of compressed air must be put on, otherwise the line fault increases, in accordance with the code, K + G spurt the code machine should be fitted with positive pressure device

12, clear responsibility and obligation of nozzle is printing machinist

13, due to spurt the code machine model is at present more, add ink, solvent when first alignment models to choose the appropriate printing ink, do not add error, otherwise it will cause serious equipment failure.

14, check and change to spurt the code machine shut down after the device and the vertical move before transfer laser marking machine cannot tilt, otherwise should be discharge printing ink, solvent on the move.

15, spurt the code machine should be placed in 0 ~ 40 ° C environment, usually in winter and summer is not suitable to spurt the code machine work at room temperature, humidity will cause the failure, ligation of machine on the eve of the flash when humidity is big, the proposal should protect the spurt the code machine by whom splash.

16, not more than two days off, all the equipments of the mechanical and electrical source is closed, especially for tying machine use spurt the code machine, you just need to shut down the nozzle, which can avoid the nozzle blockage due to downtime, also can avoid the internal electronic components be affected with damp be affected with damp

17, spurt the code machine machine hand should do well every day cleaning nozzle sets and add ink, solvent records on duty and failure phenomenon, should be timely feedback to maintain work, in order to suit the remedy to the case, avoid big failure

18, machinist to do every day 1 hour to spare machine to do regular check and run

19, close the spurt the code machine don't interrupt the shutdown process, shut down after the recovery of hand valve should be closed

20, near the spurt the cij printer, The farthest distance of 10 meters) Placed a halide fire extinguisher or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

21, security laser marking machine in a well ventilated place, away from heat, flame, spark

22, don't left beside the cij printer ink solvent tank, ink tank, soaked pieces

23, don't smoke near the spurt the code machine, or by the flame

24, because of the dry ink easy to burn, shall ensure that spurt the code machine clean

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