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LEAD TECH to bring you on high resolution jet. the common failures and solutions

Tong yi to bring you on high resolution jet. the source of common failures and solutions: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 11 0

are introduced in the previous two articles about holding a spurt the cij printer and small characters common failures and solutions to spurt the code machine, then to share on high resolution under the common failures and solutions to spurt the code machine. Before sharing according to the common sense should know to understand what high resolution cij printer. So-called high-resolution spurt the cij printer is essentially a continuity of non-contact printing equipment, as well as numerous spurt the cij printer, mainly through the nozzle to spray printing effect, thus high resolution jet. the common fault mostly related with the shower nozzle, here is a brief list:

1, the issue of spray print font is not complete, this kind of problems are associated with nozzle, a see jet printed font will be incomplete, most because of nozzle clogging. This problem can be cleaner with suppliers in the nozzle jet, soften ink on the surface of the nozzle fully after will clean up ink, until no air bubbles appeared can reuse.

2, about the spray print font fuzzy question: this question is similar to the first question may be because the nozzle is blocked, if can be reference to the first question solution. If because nozzle distance problem with the product, then you may need to adjust the distance between each other, usually in the distance between the nozzle and spray print objects for about 5 mm, not too far away. If because of the host signal output error, so long need to check whether you are on safe the bottom line. If because jet. the mainboard failure problem, it should be emptying the ink to spurt the code machine ink road, and contact the manufacturer for repair.

3, about the spray print fonts are scattered around the ink point and affect the whole beautiful problem: this kind of problem and the former two are similar, or due to spit out slight congestion, or safety ground connection, or jet. the motherboard fails. The three conditions of solution can refer to the second point.

4, high-resolution jet. the inkjet and abnormal clock seconds beating problems: this kind of problem are mostly due to the large peak voltage is too high or the charge accumulated certain components of the damage caused by the motherboard, users only need to carry on the corresponding components replacement after use.

5, part to squeeze out ink problem: this is because for a long time did not use lead to ink drying solidification, appear this kind of problem can refer to the first solution, you can also use the hand press ink bag let out it was forced to, but you need to use the shower clean again.

6, the machine after startup screen is not bright problem: probably because the power plate damage or not plugged in, the plug is good or replace the damaged power panel.

7, flexible keyboard is not problem: this is mainly caused by poor contact keyboard switch board, contact again.

8, leaking spray products, this is mainly because between product and product is too dense, as long as the appropriate adjust the distance between the product and the product.

generally do ~ the failure problem of high resolution to spurt the code machine is relatively simple, no matter from the circumstance of screening or from the point of the solution is relatively easy, as long as customers gradually understand basic are skilled to solve the problem of mentioned appeal, if still can not move consulting manufacturers, have professional and technical personnel can answer.

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