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Lithium battery requirements for inkjet printers

The coding of the lithium battery by the printer is to spray the information of the battery on the surface of the battery, that is, the ID card of the battery. The content of the coding of the lithium ion battery includes the manufacturer, model, date of manufacture, voltage line, capacity, energy, and production. Basic battery information such as batch number, battery QR code, etc., for most battery companies, lithium battery coding processing is not a thing that will be done, and some small battery companies will combine the production capacity of some companies to collect some lithium Battery coding processing. After doing a lot of this kind of thing, everyone gradually thinks that they are lithium battery cij printers. This phenomenon is encountered in the battery industry. Then many lithium battery manufacturers directly reject such orders for lithium battery coding and processing. Let's first learn about some coding methods and coding requirements of lithium battery coding factories.

I. A detailed description of the coding requirements for lithium batteries.

1. There should be no sharp objects such as scissors, steel rulers and pens on the table.

2. Every time the operator of the lithium battery cij printer starts to check whether the ink and additives of the inkjet printer are sufficient, the ink and additives must be replaced when the ink and additives are exhausted.

3. For batteries with sufficient coding range, in addition to meeting the basic requirements, the coding position must be centered on the battery body.

4. The coding system will automatically update the date after midnight every day, and the first piece needs to be remade.

5. The first piece must be made every time a shift or variety is changed, and it shall be recorded in the attached sheet of the relevant coding record.

6. During the inkjet printing process, there should be no conductive objects in any place where the battery is in contact with the battery. The barcode of the return inkjet code cell must be clear and easy to scan, and cannot be blurred and scanned.

7. The pattern cannot be slanted, splashed, and the font pattern cannot be misplaced or deformed, and the first position is not aligned.

8. Inkjet coding requires technical standards for inkjet printing. If there are special regulations, the standard documents required by MI lithium battery coding shall prevail. If there is no requirement, you should confirm the corresponding code with the corresponding person.

9. All cij printers need to spray 10ea batteries before starting production, so that they can be scanned at the beginning of production. In the normal production process, 10ea batteries are scanned every hour to check the coding effect. The scanned barcode number must be saved in the computer in Excel format. The file name is the product category number.

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