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Looking at the market industry development status of China's inkjet printer from the small character inkjet printer

It has been more than 20 years since the first inkjet printer entered the Chinese market. In the past 20 years, inkjet printers have achieved rapid development in China. From the first few foreign brands to the current market, there are many brands, from the seller’s market of inkjet printers to the buyer’s market, as well as the continuous market environment. Changes, increasing customer requirements, and fierce competition in the inkjet printer market, therefore, inkjet printers believe that simple inkjet printer sales can no longer meet the needs of the Chinese market. 1. The diversification of inkjet printer brands has led to diversification of customer choices. With the continuous development of domestic science and technology, inkjet printer technology has gradually become popular, and research and development costs have been reduced. This has led to an increase in the number of domestic Ru0026D inkjet printer companies. As a result, inkjet printer brands on the market continue to increase, the quality level is uneven, and the price difference is relatively large. Large, and customers’ choices continue to increase. 2. The threshold of small character inkjet printers is continuously lowered. Since inkjet printers entered China, from a few foreign brands to thousands of domestic inkjet printer sales companies, it shows that the threshold of cij printers has been lowering, most of which are small companies with a few people. Changes in the market competition pattern. 3. The profit of small-character cij printers is greatly reduced. With the continuous development of inkjet printers in China, the era of huge profits for domestic inkjet printers has passed. The unit price of inkjet printers and the price of consumables are constantly falling. With rising costs and labor costs, the profits of small characters have been brilliant yesterday. 4. The deterioration of the market environment for small-character inkjet printers and the intensification of competition. With the popularity of inkjet printers in the domestic market and the deepening of customers' awareness of inkjet printers, inkjet printer companies continue to price in order to improve their performance. In war, the price of inkjet printers is not the lowest, only lower. Many inkjet printer companies are basically flat-in and flat-out, relying on subsequent consumables and services to make a profit. 5. The principle and application range of the small print machine can no longer meet the needs of the domestic market. With the continuous development of domestic automation and packaging technology, customer printing requirements are becoming more and more complex and difficult, and the application range of small-character inkjet printers has been difficult to meet customer needs. 6. The continuous increase of substitute products for small character inkjet printers. In recent years, the substitute products for small character inkjet printers have been increasing. Laser machines, thermal foaming, handhelds and other products have continued to appear. The small character market has been constantly increasing. Shrinking. 7. The market for small-character inkjet printers is saturated. The development of small-character inkjet printers in China has been gradually declining. It can be said that it has entered a bottleneck period of development. At any time, the domestic market has more inkjet products and customer demand declines. The demand for machines is declining. The above is the main points of the inkjet printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the cij printer official website http:/// leave a message and tell the editor.

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