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Low vacuum recovery technology reduces the chance of impurities entering the ink circuit system

The nozzle automatic sealing technology can make the nozzle not touch the air when it is not working. In the research and development of the new generation of machines, the focus is on solving a problem for the global market including China, that is, how to make as little debris as possible in the working process To the ink system of the inkjet printer-the method used is low vacuum recovery technology. Since the inkjet printer's recovery system is in a vacuum state, it creates a certain attraction for the ink ejected from the nozzles, so that it can reach the recovery system smoothly. However, this method will also bring in a large amount of air during the process of inhaling the ink. During the production process, the nozzle is exposed to the air, and it is difficult to completely isolate the air. In this regard, the low vacuum recovery technology adopted by the new cij printer can reduce the amount of air sucked into the recovery system, thereby reducing the amount of debris that enters with the air. In addition, the low vacuum recovery technology has an advantage. As the amount of air entering the ink circuit system decreases, the volatilization speed of the solvent slows down. The solvent consumption of the printer can be reduced by 30% to 40%, which is environmentally friendly and prolongs the service life of the printer hardware (filters, nozzles) and saves the consumption of consumables.

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