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Makes the nongfu spring only bottles of the (golden) pig ultraviolet laser marking machine can be super practical

for nongfu spring has a certain understanding of consumers know, zodiac of high-end water every year to reward consumers, every mark of jing to consumers. But these high-end grade of zodiac atmosphere clean water has always been only send doesn't sell. 2019 is the year of the pig, so as early as 18 years at the end of the year when the farmer mountain spring pig year edition of high-end glass bottled water, limited release 200000 sets, still only send don't sell. A total of two: one is the bottle containing the pattern of the mineral water is a boar, strong and handsome body, high morale. The other is a kind gentle mother pig, with two simple and honest lovely baby pigs. Two patterns add up to a set of, just set off a 'golden pig home good water prosperous wealth' good moral.

nongfu spring as a company selling water in design is really interesting, from 2016, golden monkey, 2017 golden, 2018 gold dogs bottles to 2019 bottles of the (golden) pig, each very very innovative, not only inherited the Chinese traditional culture, and the integration of modern industrial design. Due to the Chinese zodiac nongfu spring memorial gift box is a kind of not for sale, and the quantity is limited, resulting in a lot of people want to collect 12 sets. Even the small make up also want to collect 12 sets of summons a dragon! But now that is limited, then there will not be able to smoke in the case of. Don't have to who can't smoke in the oh, small make up tell a way also can have a high-end exclusive atmosphere jar - — Uv laser marking machine.

a uv laser marking machine is a kind of custom graphics through computer programming, can quickly and accurately on the glass bottle draws the outline of the zodiac design of elegant atmosphere, just a few seconds can make their own bottles. Although not the nongfu spring licensed products, but also belong to your own mark, can make products on the design change. Actually spending habits change hard, do not represent the product design has been 'fixed', glass laser marking function realization of different shape or rules for processing, to provide a new road for glass bottle packaging design, to make glass bottles can be both design feeling and interest, it caused consumers to purchase and collection of desire.

uv laser marking machine relative to the other laser marking is a kind of relatively special laser marking machine equipment, it has small heat affected zone, poly spot diameter and narrow pulse width of laser materials and processing time is short, marking speed, will not bring harm to the material, the effect of marking also more elegant, and zero consumables security environmental protection, permanent marking effect will have faded because of the change of the time, rub off. The machine performance is stable, use cycle is long, low maintenance rate, reduce the unnecessary cost. In addition to the glass on the outside, still can in some metal, rubber, silicone, circuit boards, high polymer materials such as material.

overall, given the merchants of ultraviolet laser laser laser marking machine for commodity labeling information design innovation of great help, not just for business, especially for consumers, most consumers have been the pursuit of personalized, and laser marking machine is able to realize the personalized information of marking, also accord with the diversification of consumer demand. Using ultraviolet laser machine can also be a variety of set limit to of the golden pig bottle, exquisite gift boxes, etc.

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