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Market application of large character inkjet printer

The principle of the large-character cij printer and the small-character inkjet industrial inkjet printer is completely different. The automatic inkjet industrial inkjet printer uses each individual valve to control the switch. If it is a 7-point nozzle, there are 7 independent The valve controls its printing font, which is generally suitable for outer boxes, outer packaging or large workpieces. The printing speed is slow. According to the width of the inkjet font, the average speed is 60 meters/meter. Large-character inkjet printers have a wide range of application expertise and solutions in the inkjet industry. Its automation function can perform fault diagnosis and warning fine-tuning when personnel cannot always pay attention to avoid many failures.

High-speed inkjet printers are inkjet printers composed of inkjet nozzles and other parts. Therefore, to choose cij printers, we must understand the difference in their structure. Because high-speed cij printers and laser inkjet printers use different structures and parts, their selling prices are also different. This is because the materials and fineness of the nozzle parts and other parts used in the two are different, so the more The parts are fine and rare, and the selling price of the more rigorous machine will be more expensive, and this is one of the main differences between the two inkjet printers. Because high-speed inkjet printers and laser inkjet printers use different nozzles, and the visual effects of the two inkjet printers are different. Ink-based coding, so the overall printing visual perception of these two types of machines will be quite different.

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