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Masks production date marking stenciling unit of choose and buy

Some time ago, mask no production date on the certificate of approval, code and is not the same as the normal similar goods. The integrity against new coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak of critical moment, dares to sell a few supermarket suspected counterfeit masks, the results by law enforcement officers seized. According to the agency law enforcement personnel, through investigation to verify, the law enforcement personnel and contact with the related agents, know that these masks on the certificate of no production date, printing and normal congener commodity is different; Formal masks font texture is laser printing oblique lines, seized these masks font is coarser, font grain not laser printing oblique lines; In addition this batch of mask on aluminium clamp ( Nose clip) When use, try to face sex is bad, its two end up still, don't stick a face. Compared with the normal regular masks, difference is very obvious, so comprehensive, preliminary determination is counterfeit goods. In addition, the number of masks the supplier's telephone number and business address is unknown. In the process of investigation, the supermarket when the owner said stock doesn't know true and false, there is no invoice. The agency law enforcement officers immediately get in touch with the local public security organ, to find the tracking of goods, the related party to control the first time. At present, the law enforcement officials have not sold mask is deducted, and the sample sent to have qualification authentication department for testing, after being relevant written materials issued by each other, to do further processing. To the supplier at the same time, the clues have jurisdiction over the to the supermarket after investigation in accordance with the law to do further processing. The function of the masks spurt the code machine have? Know masks spurt the code machine at the same time, we need to know some knowledge of masks, especially some mask manufacturers, masks, the choose and buy can generally to spurt the code machine, laser to spurt the code machine form a complete set of options, can be compatible, can quickly identified is the key to form a complete set of production work. Reusable masks, logo printing is very critical, clear, high contrast, whether can let us know the type of face mask can use repeatedly repeatedly, and instant can be repeatedly used, so how much is the use? These key information, through the code in the form of a spray printing on the product surface, is a kind of means, is very simple and convenient for consumers to know the situation. As a spurt the code machine, we all know is spray printing logo, dive, through has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and gradually found that in 2020 years later, more manufacturers will pay close attention to spurt the code machine bring added value and some stealth capabilities, such as al, traceability, circulation in the fields of application. Masks spurt the code machine as matching mask machine using an identification device, although small, but the role is critical, every mask can give an identification, including specifications, production date, batch number, brand information, such as content, can be a one-off, high-speed fu yards, forming permanent identity. In the application field of spurt the code machine, already have many means to increase the value of the product assigned code mark, let products through code, not just let people know the basic information such as the date of production data, can also help manufacturers, brands for commercial data to support decision making. We say here is that the mask spurt the code machine, on some 3 m, prevent mist haze masks, or some brands provide masks, use laser machine for assigned code, is undoubtedly a very good method to identify, it is can achieve zero pollution, the second is to realize the tamper-proof, improve product competitiveness in the same products. Buy masks spurt the code machine, as a face mask production enterprises should pay attention to what? 1, price. Here according to the us to choose and buy of masks to spurt the code machine, if you do not use silk screen printing process, using ink printing machine dynamic code means to achieve product identification, the price is in commonly 20000 yuan - 30000 yuan between. 2, stability. Better stability when compared with those of ink printing machine belongs to the laser laser printing machine, you just need to electricity for static marking or flight marking, can form a complete set in the mask production machine to use, flexible and simple good integration, is also an important index in the future. 3, supporting applicability. Here we are going to the issues of speed, as a face mask machine, some of the face mask machine production speed is very fast, can achieve the output of about one thousand a minute, then our logo equipment can meet the demand of efficiency in this regard, becomes very critical. Product identification is essential link masks in the process of production, identify content including brand name, product type, product type, product batch number, standards, etc, and carry the product identification to spurt the code machine mask production gives new vitality, so, what type of spurt the code machine can be applied to the face mask logo? suppliers based on many years of experience in sign industry interpretation applies to mask logo for everybody to spurt the code machine type. High resolution spurt the code machine, try to inkjet printer supplier recommended selection pressure technology of high resolution spurt the code machine, advantage lies in the identification effect is fine, clear, high efficiency, card cartridge ink cartridges for reduces the maintenance frequency in the production process, raise the efficiency of product identification, is a modern enterprise production, one of the ideal identification equipment. In addition to high resolution to spurt the code machine, UV printing machine in the application of masks protective equipment such as industry also has obvious advantage. UV printing machine adopts on-demand ink inkjet printing technology, can realize the variable data and a variety of other types and spray printing, logo with high efficiency. Logo effect, UV printing machine can realize the customized logo, the effect of the logo is more exquisite. Identification speed, UV printing machine can be identified according to the actual circumstance of the production line effectively, the speed can reach 150 m/min, so many different production lines, there are more models to choose.

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