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Medical packaging barcode and two-dimensional code identification equipment selection

As a practitioner in the pharmaceutical industry, I know the strictness of industry standards and related regulations. With the iterative update of the production line, the traceability required by regulations, the high reading rate of two-dimensional code barcodes, a high-quality inkjet marking product is an indispensable condition for pharmaceutical factories. Leadtech is committed to research and development and provide the coding equipment that meets your current and future production needs. Drug traceability: New regulations require that the pharmaceutical packaging have a QR code. Leadtech coding: can print barcodes, QR codes, and variable two-dimensional codes. Code, the reading level is up to A level. Continuous text and flexible serial number coding provide more traceability and product identification options. Coding integration: The automated production line naturally needs highly integrated coding equipment. Leadtech Coding: RS232 and parallel I/0 interface, multiple communication interfaces, Leadtech embedded reliability design, and fast integration into your production line. Different packaging materials and sizes: different materials, different shapes, and a coding equipment that changes with the production line is required. Leadtech coding: large color touch screen, flexible operation attributes, visibility of productivity at a glance, and information on the screen can be displayed. Faster and more accurate replacement and setting of inkjet codes. Our customer application diagram: packaging label supplier for the global pharmaceutical industry. Meet the third-phase identification, batch number, micro-label, barcode, two-dimensional code, drug regulatory code, and UDI identification requirements for medical device packaging. From product identification to pallet labels, Leadtech’s unique laser coding, ink printing, and thermal transfer printing meet all your coding needs. The patented nozzle is free of cleaning for three months. More than 30 years of coding Ru0026D experience, long-term partner of world-renowned pharmaceutical companies. Our product small character cij printer (CIJ): dozens of inks meet the requirements of different materials, do not fall off, do not fade, large color touch screen, easy to use, easy to operate, patented fully sealed print head, up to three months, no cleaning, single line printing character height Stainless steel from 1.1 mm to 20mm, optional IP65 protection grade, durable Laser coding machine (Laser): permanent coding, even if difficult to code materials such as glass and rubber can also be competent for CO2 laser machines and optical fiber machines. A variety of models to meet different needs. With a wide range of marking heads, lenses and laser tube options, Leadtech lasers can meet your specific application. A variety of lenses, lenses and extension devices can be selected to meet various production needs. No follow-up consumables – Clean and economical thermal transfer printer (TTO): unique ribbon cassette design patent, to ensure that the ribbon replacement operation is fast and intermittent and continuous in one, without the need for additional printers. Multiple ribbon saving modes, the highest Save 70% of the ribbon consumption and 300dpi high-resolution coding, which can meet the coding requirements of various medical labels (medicine supervision codes) and flexible packaging (Chinese medicine decoction pieces, powders and other medicine bags) Tel: Hot Line: Email: Website :

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