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Merchandise anti-counterfeiting code with a laser target importance do you really know?

along with society's progress and development, the sale of similar goods on the market there are lots of different types for consumers to choose, consumers in the choice to purchase goods will consider the goods are quality goods, or the quality of the goods? Will not be unexpected things? If something had happened and who should be a lot of consumers focus on one of the things, so businessmen in order to avoid as scapegoats, often using a laser marking machine in their goods add anti-counterfeiting code, your logo and brand.

so why the need for security products for businesses? Goods is the need for anti-fake mainly in order to prevent some dishonest merchant by means of counterfeit, without the owner of the trademark permission to copy, copy, forged and sold others without product and a measures actively. Sometimes, they just make some small changes on logo, can let the consumer think it is legitimate, in this way to gain profit and cheat consumers. Such an act is unfavorable for the original merchants, so in order to better safeguard their rights, businesses need to add the anti-counterfeiting code on the goods.

now the most common anti-counterfeiting technology is through the laser marking machine to proprietary, qr code, bar code marking brand, logo and other important information. Laser marking machine laser marking technology is relatively mature at present stage, the use of it by marking out design is very delicate, the line of bar code can achieve mm to micron level, accurate print the barcode on the goods, marking will not affect the object itself. Many businesses are worried about the anti-counterfeiting code over time or is affected by external factors and blur, for laser marking will not appear this kind of circumstance, it is permanent marker, has certain security role.

it is important to note that the same design of laser marking machine is not necessarily to be able to use in all different materials used on goods of merchants in the selection of laser marking machine must be more own actual demand to choose laser marking machine products. Businesses need to know the anti-fake data of laser marking machine can be clear, bar code, the qr code, and other forms, these forms have a corresponding read equipment, can reduce human input lag, to a certain extent as anti-fake data carrier is suitable for. Of course, if the relative products to more deep anti-counterfeiting, also can undertake marking system with the combination of database query system.

the end under the share with merchants to anti-counterfeiting goods can bring what benefit:

1, enhance brand image, increase the trust of consumers for goods quality, consumer can more rest assured to choose and buy when shopping

2, can make goods have level, have a certain role in promoting effect on sales, relative to some goods not anti-counterfeiting mark, consumers are more willing to buy goods anti-counterfeiting mark

3, can in virtually to advertise products and reduce the cost, when a customer is enough to check the goods quality goods, you can see which company is

4, can better management of goods, the existence of the anti-counterfeiting mark is equivalent to give goods increased the bar coding, is advantageous for the merchants in the management of commodity information more understand

5, improve the image of the company, the piracy, anti-counterfeiting mark is endowed with the uniqueness of goods, counterfeit goods better distinguish

from the appeal point of view it is not hard to find, merchandise anti-counterfeiting code itself to companies or consumers are particularly important. And laser marking machine series products for goods of anti-counterfeiting of the intimate relationship, it can improve the authenticity of anti-counterfeiting products and achieve real anti-counterfeiting goods, and not easy to be used.

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