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Metal Laser Marking Machine Technology and Advantages Industrial Robots Realize Industry 4.0

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-24

Technology and advantages of laser marking machine in electroplating industry to realize industrial robots as soon as possible to realize Industry 4.0

Technology and advantages of laser marking machine in electroplating industry, laser electroplating is an emerging It is of great significance for the production and repair of microelectronic devices and large-scale integrated circuits. At present, although the principle of laser electroplating, laser ablation, plasma laser deposition and laser jet are still under research, its technology is already in practical use. When a continuous laser or pulsed laser is irradiated on the cathode surface in the electroplating pool, it can not only greatly improve the deposition rate of metal, but also can use the computer to control the trajectory of the laser beam to obtain the expected complex geometry without shielding coating. . www.dgdmj.com

Laser electroplating is a typical combination of classical technology and modern technology, and it is an emerging high-energy beam electroplating technology . The use of laser technology in the marking machine can increase the metal deposition speed and the efficiency is increased by 1000 times. When a continuous laser or pulsed laser is irradiated on the cathode surface in the electroplating bath, not only the deposition speed is improved, but also the laser beam can be controlled by a computer. Unshielded coating of complex geometries obtained by moving the trajectory.

Compared with ordinary electroplating, the advantages of laser marking machine are:

(1) The deposition speed is fast, such as laser gold plating up to 1 μm/s, laser copper plating up to 10 μm/s, laser jet gold plating up to 12 μm/s, and laser jet copper plating for marking machines up to 50 μm/s;< /p>

(2) Metal deposition only occurs in the laser-irradiated area, and local deposition coating can be obtained without shielding measures, thus simplifying the production process;

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(3) Coating adhesion is greatly improved; marking machine

(4) It is easy to realize automatic control;

(5) Save precious metals;

(6) Save equipment investment and processing time. The marking industry of marking machine has always been closely related to our life, but the traditional marking industry will cause some waste of materials and pollution in the process of production and processing. This goes against the trend of green environmental protection in contemporary society, and my country has been vigorously advocating the path of sustainable development, which has caused many contradictions between the traditional sign industry and society.

The emergence of laser marking machine has promoted the marking industry to embark on the road of green and sustainable development. Compared with inkjet, laser marking machine has no pollution of consumables, avoids the use of cij printer ink and cij printer solvent, and rejects these pollution sources from the source. During the production and processing of the laser marking machine, no pollutants are produced, and ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises can invest a small amount of money to have a laser marking machine with a long service life. And in the process of operation is simple, no security risks.

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