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More than 100,000 boxes of problematic nuts flow into the market

When it comes to nuts, many people like to eat them. A small nut can not only replenish energy and calories, but also vitamins and other nutrients. The most important thing is that it is delicious, crispy and delicious. However, recently, someone bought an internet celebrity nut and led to a big case involving a value of more than 10 million yuan. What is going on?

At the end of last year, Mr. Yao, who lives in Haiyan, Zhejiang, bought 2 boxes of nuts of domestic Internet celebrity brands online for 126 yuan. The taste of the nuts bought online was far from the taste of the nuts bought before. Mr. Yao suspected that he had bought a fake, so he chose to call the police. After receiving the case, the Special Patrol Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Haiyan County immediately sent samples to the nut manufacturer. After the manufacturer’s identification, the product was indeed a counterfeit product.

From the capture site, it can be seen that the environment of the fake nut making den is harsh. Various finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials, packaging bags are scattered on the ground, and there are even garbage, slippers, and clothes. Among them, sanitary conditions can only be described by the words 'dirty, messy and poor'. What is even more shocking is that, after testing by relevant agencies, the number of molds in this batch of 'cottage net red nuts' exceeded the standard by more than 10 times. This kind of unscrupulous business is really abhorrent!

As a consumer, how to distinguish authenticity?

Comparing the counterfeit products seized by the police and the genuine products purchased from regular channels, several differences can be found intuitively.

First of all, from the perspective of the outer packaging, the printed font pattern of the genuine product is clearer, even on every small package. The packaging bags of counterfeit goods are printed rough and the fonts have ghosting.

Second, in terms of weight, counterfeit products are seriously lacking. This is also due to the fact that the workers in the counterfeit dens tried to save trouble during production and only counted the number of nuts, regardless of the consequences of the quality of the nuts.

Third, the seals of the packaging bags are different. The seals of the authentic packaging are neat and uniform, but the seals of the counterfeit products are uneven and the edges are not aligned.

Fourth, the production date of counterfeit products is printed directly, not sprayed on by the coding equipment.

In the food processing industry, how to provide consumers with assured and safe food is an eternal compulsory course for manufacturers. Once a problem occurs, the manufacturer will suffer huge losses, ranging from brand damage to severe closure. Good luck. Therefore, we must pay attention to food quality, and food packaging must have complete labeling content.

The inkjet printer is an important device for the implementation of post-labeling. For the production line to identify the factory products in time, make the printed labels take effect immediately, and the food-related information can be traced later. The marks produced by the inkjet printer are not only Chinese and English, numbers, but also barcodes, QR codes, and complex icons. As a result, the use of cij printers is increasing in the field of pre-packaged food. technology has also continued to advance, becoming an excellent marking product.

As an cij printer equipment company, inkjet printers are committed to product technology upgrades and continuous research and development of traceability systems, and continuously improve product performance. At the same time, we have accumulated a lot of valuable experience in technology and practical application. Customers at home and abroad have enjoyed the production convenience brought by product innovation and smooth management, which has promoted the healthy development of the enterprise!

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