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Mouse and keyboard use co2 laser marking machine farewell to the century of traditional printing rub off

in the Internet age believe in the existence of every household will have a computer, either a laptop or desktop computer has become essential in People's Daily life. Particularly for the workers and students party, access to information, send and receive E-mail, find information, PPT production, thesis writing, such as software development is the existence of the need to use the computer. Although the development of smart phones can solve most problems in daily production, but the existence of the computer is also very important, a lot of work on a computer will be more quick and easy operation.

since filed a computer, then it is little not the existence of the mouse and keyboard. Laptop may not require the existence of the mouse, but for the keyboard, whether it be a laptop or desktop computers are inevitable. A keyboard is help the user to input to output information into computer channels, now on the market can see the keyboard has evolved from English typewriter keyboard. We are to the keyboard will appear 10 26 English letters, Numbers, and some special symbols, the information such as identification, here we call them the logo, the presence of these logos can facilitate the user operation. But will find that such a phenomenon: use a lot of keyboard, mouse, after a period of time after use, the logo on the keyboard will disappear, also is the emergence of rub off, not only not beautiful, so don't use to use. Is there a solution? Affirmation is some, the laser marking technology can be a perfect solution.

do you know why the laser marking technology to perfect not solve? Mainly because there are many deficiencies in traditional printing. Without laser marking machine, mainly adopts the traditional ink printing technology, it is able to mark the logo on the keyboard mouse, but when we use the keyboard for a long time after the color of the Numbers and letters on the keyboard will slowly becomes weak, we use the keyboard for a long time when typing fingers will become dark, bring us a lot of problems. Ink printing cost is high, will damage to the environment. So manufacturers in order to solve these problem, wei carbon dioxide according to jie merchants began to recommend using co2 laser marking machine to the keyboard and mouse.

why co2 co2 laser marking machine? Mainly because of the material of the keyboard mouse is nonmetallic material, and co2 laser marking machine mainly used for non-metal material marking. Compared with traditional ink printing technology, the use of laser marking technology to give the mouse and keyboard is the most prominent is marking permanent. Use of laser marking technology on the keyboard, no matter how long, identity in all the time, the font not become weak. Want you to remember your products, there must be a good marker method, will leave a deep impression on customers, turns head is high also, when customer feel good just to see the logo on the mouse or the keyboard can know is which brand, increase brand awareness.

the use of co2 laser marking machine is good for solve the problems faced in traditional technology, businesses now use high-tech laser technology, can be performed in a variety of metals, non-metallic products laser marking, won't because natural healing environment relations, but remain permanently, not easy to be fake, has good anti-counterfeiting function and operation cost is low; Laser marking quality is good, belongs to the non-contact processing, the processed material does not produce mechanical stress, no damage to processed goods, can ensure the accuracy of tag graphic and elegant. What need reminds is not all the material goods are suitable for the same types of laser marking machine, if you want to print the other material goods, you are advised to consult our customer service, we will according to your demand for marking scheme.

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