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New guidelines ultraviolet laser marking machine can be used what materials and in the industry?

for laser equipment have a certain understanding of the users know the uv laser marking machine is the superiority of all the laser marking equipment of the highest one, but for beginners is not understand these, many new to laser machine users are not able to understand why the price of uv laser marking machine would be so expensive, also don't understand the ultraviolet laser laser laser marking machine and what is the difference between other types of laser marking machine. New users also could not understand the course ultraviolet laser marking machine can be used by what are the materials, and industry. Below elegant. prosper logo on belt novice briefly understand under uv laser machine ~

a, what is the working principle of ultraviolet laser marking machine?

uv laser marking machine is a kind of direct use laser light through the expanded beam shaping after out to connect to the galvanometer optical system, by high energy beam to the workpiece surface, material formation on the surface of gasification off pattern. In short ultraviolet laser processing system refers to the energy produced by laser beam to the surface of the workpiece material moment gasification formation of cutting, perforation or surface design. The common three types of laser processing technology on the market is divided into vibration mirror machining, collimating mirror machining as well as the objective, its principle is through a variety of reflective lenses make laser energy to focus on a point, through mobile work platform, or move through the lens turn back beam forming processing.

2, ultraviolet laser marking machine can be used what materials?

uv laser marking machine has the hyperfine processing advantage, can almost in all the required marking fu yards of material use, such as: flexible PCB marking, scribing, porous silicon wafers, the blind hole processing, LCD glass, glass ware, metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, metal products, wood products, rubber products, silicone products, plastic products, high polymer material, the kinds of materials processing

3, ultraviolet laser marking machine applicable industry have?

uv laser marking machine is mainly used in precision processing used in the high-end market, such as common cosmetic industry, daily chemical industry, building material industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, medical equipment, hardware, food, packaging, battery, furniture and so on need to code in the

4, why uv laser marking machine is expensive?

a few points in the front is not hard to find, ultraviolet laser marking machine whether from the point of view or from the range, the results than co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine is much better. Almost is a universal and automated laser marking equipment, the overall performance is better, therefore the price of ultraviolet laser to is much higher than the price of the same kind of laser machine. Warm prompt: for the part that does not require high hit target customer can don't have to buy the uv laser machine, co2 or is optical fiber is also possible, according to their own needs to choose.

5, summary

by appeal to share believe that for a new user for ultraviolet laser marking machine all have roughly understanding, in fact, the user at the time of purchase choice can consult manufacturer directly, also can seek advice our elegant jade-like stone. We can according to the actual needs of users to provide clients with one-stop solution, marking equipment to meet the requirements of the user's needs.

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