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New regulations: The two-dimensional code must be printed on the face of movie tickets

This year, at the request of relevant departments, the relevant departments for the operation of movie theaters have formulated a QR code that must be printed on the face of movie tickets sold in movie theaters, so that the audience can check and verify relevant information in time, said Manager Zhang of Shenzhen Akto Technology Co., Ltd. : 'The movie ticket printed by the movie theater shall indicate the name of the movie theater, the title of the movie, the screening time, the ticket price, the name of the movie hall, the seat number, and the movie ticket information QR code generated by the ticketing software, and other necessary information. Irregular movies shall not be sold to the audience. Tickets, including handmade tickets and movie tickets that have been manually altered or printed with incomplete information on the face of the ticket.” The audience can scan the QR code of the purchased movie ticket, and verify the authenticity of the movie ticket through the national data platform. Such movie cards, movie tickets, QR codes, and online ticket voucher must be exchanged for movie tickets through movie theater ticketing software; the ticket price printed on the movie ticket must be the same as the actual ticket paid by the audience. Cinema ticketing software can only issue the price of movie tickets, and other fees paid by the audience should be issued separately and publicized. This regulation includes various operating screening venues such as automobile cinemas. In addition, the movie title printed on the movie ticket must be consistent with the movie actually watched by the audience, and movie tickets without a clear movie title are not allowed to be sold. Manager Zhang of Shenzhen Akto Technology Co., Ltd. said: After such a unified standard, it greatly facilitates the masses and provides convenience for movie lovers. However, this regulation has brought challenges to the movie ticket printing industry. Most movie tickets It has a certain value, so the requirements for printing quality are also high, and it is necessary to adopt certain anti-counterfeiting measures. Although the forms of movie tickets are very different, there are all kinds of numbers. The numbers can identify the uniqueness of movie tickets and have a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. The numbers in modern ticket printing are mostly realized by embossing, such as Beiren Fuji BF4000 series of forms The laser marking machine uses the number plug-in on the rubber-convex unit to realize the coding function. The number plug-in can be installed with a variety of numbering machines, such as Atlantic Zeiser and Leibinger's numbering machines, which use the mechanical cam dial principle to change the number of printed products. The number is a simple variable information on the bill. With the development of economy and the prosperity of commerce, various industries have higher and higher requirements for bills, and the printing process of bills has become more and more complex. Offset printing and embossing are adopted. Various printing methods, such as printing, flexographic printing, and screen printing, and variable information such as barcodes, two-dimensional codes, personalized information, and winning information are becoming more and more common. However, the traditional printing method can no longer satisfy the printing of variable information on the bill, and it must be solved by the inkjet device.

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