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New users to buy different types of machine common technique analysis of dry goods

New users to buy different types of machine skill of common dry analysis source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 1 - 21 browsing: 0

actually different users are confused with buying equipment for the first time, so many model but don't know how to choose is appropriate, for old customers is with such a situation, but no new users is so conflicted. Most of the goods at the factory must have a clear, clear product coding identification, especially the production date, shelf-life, variable bar code and qr code is crucial. And cij printer equipment to achieve different effect is also different, in order to be able to let users make the right choice when buy, summed up the following tips for the user:

a and understand the type of the machine and its corresponding effect, use, performance, etc.

1, the small character spurt the code machine, spray printing content total height at 1 mm Between 13 mm, total rows in 1 - jet printing content 4 line between, more suitable for assigned code in FMCG, common products in the supermarket, such as cosmetics, food, beverages, agricultural products, most are the type of machine for.

2, big characters cij printer, spray printing content height around 50 mm, according to the spray printing points divided into 9 and 16 points two kinds, in terms of the ink dot size, smaller than traditional characters spurt the code machine more obviously, given code can realize the big cartons, boxes, used in cement, alcohol, food packaging industry.

3, micro characters spurt the code machine, spray printing content and the number of lines and small characters spurt the code machine, but smaller, small characters compared nozzle aperture reached 40 microns, can achieve minimal 0. 7 mm high content of spray print, support the qr code and variable data printing, can be on the PCB/FPC/SMT precision components location automatically printing.

4, high-resolution spurt the code machine, spray printing content higher resolution, can achieve 300 - DPI 600, can achieve similar to spurt the code block effect, small characters at a lower level than the disadvantage is that the ink adhesion, easy in the smooth surface of the material form long high, advantage is read qr code scanning rate is high.

5, UV printing machine, on film, labels, and other products for high-speed, compared with the traditional analytical spurt the code machine, high speed faster because it with a UV ultraviolet curing lights at the same time, can realize rapid curing inks, let both adhesion and effect, the disadvantage is that the overall equipment procurement price is higher, more suitable for printing.

6, handheld spurt the code machine, very hot item printing equipment in recent years, with low price, compact appearance, flexible use, and more and more mature ink cartridge system ( HP HP technology blessing) , make its rapid increase resilience, and in some cartons, food packaging applications to replace part of machine.

7, laser laser printing machine, under the trend of green environmental protection, and new energy cars, became the star of whole sign industry, no pollution, no consumables, maintenance, in addition to the initial purchase cost is higher, almost no obvious weaknesses.

2, clear what you want to buy brand of cij printer.

remember in front of the share of the spurt the code machine are mentioned in the article in the brand: 'want to understand the details of spurt the cij printer out ten big brand introduction might as well come in and see,' haven't seen friends can see, not to mention one by one in this firm. In addition to the choice of brands, we also need to pay attention to is the after-sale service, if you buy a spurt the code machine after-sales service is not good, so in the later use process is very troublesome.

in general only through constant comparison and evaluation, we can find out what kind of laser marking machine is suitable for their own brand, also want to know what kind of ink in accordance with our effect, as well as the use of ink on the different material. These tips can improve the effect of our purchasing, also can more in line with their own expectations. Need to remind the choice of any spurt the code machine will review the actual situation, such as price, terms of the contract, customer case, word of mouth multiple dimensions such as reference and make a decision.

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