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More and more consumers use smart phones and tablets as important tools for their consumption behavior. For brands, each smart device is a sales channel and a bridge to communicate with consumers. Code design, brand operation viscosity can be improved, and consumers will be more loyal to the brand. Not long ago, consumers might have to wait at home for a day for a certain online shopping package to be delivered in the afternoon. Today, this situation has become history, consumers can always grasp the precise delivery information and specific delivery time through the smart phone. The entire tracking of the logistics process can also reflect how today's technology, especially smart technology, more closely connects business behaviors, such as market promotions, and consumers. According to statistics, there are 2.6 billion smartphones that can be connected to the Internet, and it is predicted that this number will reach 6 billion by 2020. The popularity of smart phones and the ubiquitous Internet have subtly changed people's consumption habits. The survey of British retail research company Planet Retail and GS1 UK found that 28% of consumers tend to use smartphones to search and understand products, and 24% hope to obtain more product information through functional apps such as barcode scanning. Obviously, consumers are now more inclined to learn about brands and products through the Internet, and learn as much as possible about the products, such as the place of production, ingredients, and whether the source of raw materials is reliable, etc., before deciding whether to buy. The fast and convenient consumption model brought by the Internet has become more popular. More and more consumers use smart phones and tablets as important tools for their consumption behavior. For brands, every smart device should be a sales channel. , Leading to a unique consumer and opening a one-to-one direct dialogue to strengthen this business opportunity. The use of one item and one code will make this connection between brands and consumers more convenient. All that is to be done is to assign marketing codes to products to stimulate consumers to respond and scan codes, so as to direct consumers to purchase pages, participate in interactive competitions, or Other creative links. During this period, consumers will also share some of their personal information, such as a simple e-mail address and agree to receive more product information through e-mail, which will more closely link the brand and consumers, and also provide brand marketing Bring more effective communication channels. These methods are not new, and the newer part is that brands can easily get in touch with consumers. It is precisely under the framework of one thing, one code that in the past, consumers were required to log in to the brand website and enter the long and complicated letter code 'reward' behavior. Now they only need to scan with a smartphone to complete the login process in one step. Check whether they have won awards. If the code is clever enough, through the consumer's scan of the code, the brand owner will simultaneously understand which chocolate the consumer scans, as well as the origin, sales location and sales personnel of this chocolate, which provides a good basis for brand market research. data support. Even if customers are bored with a lot of online marketing, the way of scanning the code also gives customers a certain degree of autonomy and does not have to passively receive information. This is the reason why more and more marketing departments and advertising companies tend to develop interactive marketing activities based on one item and one code. Introducing one thing, one code into a more unique and creative design puts more stringent requirements on the company's coding equipment. Never underestimate the challenges posed by coding equipment. When printing promotional codes, enterprises need to achieve 100% clarity on the packaging so that consumers can directly read the codes or scan codes directly by electronic devices such as mobile phones, and cooperate with the production line speed, without interfering with the product traceability codes and the best products during the same period. Use date printing. Promotional codes with the theme of winning prizes sometimes need to be unique to customers. Enterprises also need system support to generate thousands or even millions of different codes in a very short period of time. These factors are all factors that companies need to consider comprehensively when they choose inkjet coding equipment. To make the right choice, you need to comprehensively consider the industry, the type of promotion and the production process. The best way is to contact the most professional supplier of cij printers.

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