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Operation technology and skills of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-28

In the daily operation of fiber laser marking machine, the setting of some parameters will have a greater impact on the marking effect.

1. Influence of focus position

The focused laser beam is shown in the figure below, and the workpiece marking surface should be located at Depth of focus range (about 1mm~2mm).

At this time, the laser power density is the highest, and the laser etching effect of the fiber laser marking machine is the best. Usually, we adjust the lifting table by adjusting the lifting table. To observe the brightness and sound of the laser on the metal plate to identify whether the workpiece surface is in the depth of focus range. Sometimes in order to achieve special marking effects, it can be achieved by positive and negative defocusing.

2. Influence of laser frequency and pulse width

When the output power of the laser is constant, it can be reduced by reducing the laser power. Frequency and pulse width to increase peak power (reduce average power). When the peak power of the laser is high, it is easy to form an 'etching' effect on the surface of the workpiece; similarly, the peak power can be reduced (the average power is increased) by increasing the frequency and pulse width. When the average laser power is high, it is easy to form the effect of 'ablation' on the surface of the workpiece. The working frequency range of fiber laser is 20-80KHZ.

3. Influence of galvanometer scanning parameters on marking effect

The marking parameters set by the marking software have an effect on fiber laser marking The machine marking effect has a great influence, and the parameter settings are unreasonable, and the marking text will be too heavy or curved at the beginning or the end, and the filling part will exceed the boundary when the graphics are filled at high speed.

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