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Optical fiber laser marking machine in the practical application of metal clock

watch products is more common in our daily life of a commodity, can be seen in most households. Also has a lot of people will choose to buy a watch to wear on the hand, in order to convenient to check the time, Ps: for some people don't want to use their phones to check) There are some people choose to wear a watch is to play the role of adornment effect. The existence of watches for people is a kind of more convenient, easy to carry, believe there is more than 96% of the population are exposed to watch such goods, can be found for different types, brand, design a watch on the back of identity information is different, there are certain differences between each other. The existence of identity information is necessary for businesses!

since said these clocks in the tag information is one of the important existence, so this kind of information and how to better clothes on it? Before we buy watches and clocks will appear such a situation, what we wear over time dependent on the clock on the surface of the information will become blurred, time is long can't confirm what is the specific content. Although users may not care about this information, but to some extent affect the overall effect of watches and clocks, and thus affect the quality of the consumers to the brand goods. Information on if you want to attach to the clock and permanent, won't fade easily should choose advanced laser marking machine equipment.

manufacturer of watches and clocks on the market now has a lot of, consumers to purchase goods is no longer blindly follow, but is becoming more and more rational, buy a watch for his choice on their performance, configuration, appearance and so on all has certain requirements. Although some consumers will choose to buy because of star power, but this does not mean that all consumer groups. So any product identity information of a clock is particularly important, are all need to have a lasting. Lasting logo tag without the presence of laser technology, optical fiber laser marking machine for some metals clock has a very good test result.

use of optical fiber laser marking machine was chosen as the co2 laser machine for metal clock is not suitable for its use, optical fiber laser machine to replace the traditional manual printing, voltage, inkjet, sculpture, etching, etc. , has the incomparable superiority to traditional process. Optical fiber laser marking machine at the time of processing was carried out on the clock is mainly using high energy density laser beam directly in the target position to play on the physical and chemical reaction, cause it has clarity of identity information, and this kind of information is delicate, wear-resisting, permanent features. Each identity information but the amount of time is a few seconds, when the high energy laser on the material surface, can express a grudge and pits formation, like lightning.

in addition, the merchants for the depth degree of identity information graphic can be adjusted freely according to the demand, under normal circumstances the engraving depth is calculated on the mm and so on marking will not cause too much damage on material and goods, to say the negligible. Add the identity information can make different style clock appears more rich and creative, has a certain amount of anti-counterfeiting effect, can also enhance the overall appearance and quality, etc.

all in all, clocks and watches for product identification information the businessman should choose to use laser marking machine, advanced in the laser technology not only have the characteristics of marking speed, good effect, also can respond to the demand for protection of the environment, but also can reduce the staff in the use of the damage in the process, on the whole in terms of absolute is a one of the laser code equipment not do more harm than good.

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