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Paging machine, the right assistant of inkjet printer

In this prosperous society, the rapid development of inkjet printers is really gratifying! I don’t need to say more about cij printers. I believe many people know the function and usefulness of inkjet printers, but nowadays paging machines are also born following cij printers. The paging machine can automatically separate stacked cards, food bags, etc. It is single and fast. If the printer is used together with the pager, the work efficiency will be increased by a hundredfold. At present, most customers use inkjet printers and paging machines as a set of inkjet work. Previously, cij printers were used alone, and its work efficiency was a bit low. Food bags and cards must be manually printed one by one, which is not only a waste Time and manpower are required. It is useless even if the printer has a lot of printing marks. Because of the low work efficiency, when some customers need these products urgently, workers will have to work overtime day and night. , It also greatly increases the cost of the enterprise. Now corporate customers should not worry about these problems. With the cooperation of the pager and the cij printer, these problems have been completely solved easily. Therefore, companies now use inkjet printers and pagers together, and work efficiency has improved. Everyone praises the pager as a right-hand man for inkjet printers.

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