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Parse what are the characteristics of optical fiber laser marking machine?

fiber laser marking machine in the sign industry belongs to a new type of laser marking technology, with the continuous development of science and technology, customer demand for goods in target speed and quality of requirement also more and more strict, but not limited to a single make up is ok. And optical fiber laser marking machine though available in the market time is shorter, but its own good performance, by the majority of business users, many manufacturers have intention to buy a fiber laser marking machine to help with their own goods marking processing, optical fiber laser marking machine specific what are the characteristics?

1, optical fiber laser marking machine is different from some printing equipment on the market, using its marking out the identity of the permanent, not the product is easy to apply happen that there will be no logo was erase caused confusion.

2, fiber laser marking follow the green environmental protection, no material pollution happens, rejected these sources of pollution from the source, responded to the call of national environmental protection, in today's environmental problems can become a sign industry mainstream products.

3, fiber laser marking on in use is convenient, its volume is small, can accept the built-in air cooling mode, the product not easy to transport and placement as well as to facilitate its use.

4, fiber laser marking machine power relative to other marking machine on power is relatively high, so the beam quality, the photoelectric conversion rate will be high, make the printed logo more clear, tasteful, and more uniform fine carved graphical text, display effect is good.

5, fiber laser marking machine on speed, precision and service life is also very good, the speed is in commonly 5000 mm/above, and the precision can be up to 0. 001 mm, also can achieve 100000 hours, the oldest is probably within ten years, the lowest also have 5 years or so, so better practicability.

6, laser marking machine can support multiple formats of graphics marking, meet the diverse needs of the users, etc.

all in all, from the above mentioned what do we learn the six major advantage of optical fiber laser marking machine is a lot of industry will consider and choose a marking machine, it is small in size and easy to move, and a lot of good.

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