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Parsing why fiber laser will occupy a significant portion of the market in the future

in recent years, fiber lasers with excellent comprehensive performance by numerous downstream customers, concrete, fiber laser with good beam quality, high output, good heat dissipation, excellent stability, weight, small volume, simple structure and is easy to be industrialized production, and many other advantages. Can achieve identity information code, cutting, punching, etc. , can also according to the demand of the different called laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser drilling machine, etc.

because the fiber laser has excellent comprehensive performance, thus it can in heavy industrial laser market to get fast, coupled with the traditional continuous alternative and emerging application scenario development, optical fiber laser in the global market share increase faster, 2017 already account for half of industrial laser market. According to OFweek industry research statistics show that globally, 2013 fiber laser industry market share accounted for about a third, but by 2017 its share of the market has reached more than 47%, 2014 - 2017 market share of average annual growth of 3. 4%. In 2017, the global industrial laser sales by more than 26% in 2016, among them, the fiber laser year-on-year growth of around 34%.

in the domestic market, in recent years, fiber lasers in industrial applications, the early foreign fiber laser accounted for the vast majority of the share, only 2015 interpublic a foreign fiber laser company in China market share as high as 73%, only 27% localization rate; But with the ascension of the domestic laser technology, in 2017, foreign fiber laser enterprises market share dropped to 60%, increased to about 40% localization rate, pursued by stepping up research and development technology, market share is expected to further expand domestic fiber laser.

in addition, as the material processing market, for example, relying on high power fiber laser highlights qualitative characteristics in the macroscopic material processing market gradually get reuse; Its own very high light quality on the other hand, it is expected to gradually accelerated in the field of micro material processing. In conclusion, fiber laser with its excellent characteristics to promote its global market share further amplification, become worthy of the name of the third generation of laser technology.

fiber laser giant contrast fiber laser market at home and abroad with high technical barriers, overseas companies mainly fiber laser with interpublic, Coherent, Trumpf, liekki, etc. , among them, the interpublic undoubtedly is a leading global fiber laser, with the wide application of laser technology in recent years, its revenue growth rapidly, from 1 2006 revenue. 4. 3 billion dollars, to achieve 14 2017. 0. 9 billion dollars, the compound growth rate of 23. 1%, as of the end of September 2018 total revenue in 11. 7 $300 million year-on-year growth. 82%; Net profit 6. 7 $3. 3 billion year-on-year growth. 72%.

interpublic in fiber laser research and development has superb technology, vertical integration of interpublic has realized the semiconductor diode, active passive optical fiber, optical fiber and special homemade optical element, the current expansion to the beam of light switches, fiber optic transmission cable, optical processing head, power supply, printed circuit boards and mechanical parts. Interpublic has now completed the layout of the world, the company sales of key markets including China, North America, Europe, Japan, the fiber laser occupy about 60% market share. Interpublic's sales growth in China has been higher than the growth of other countries and its total sales growth, is the main source of its revenue growth. China market in 2015 officially overtaken the European market, as the world's first big market. In 2017, according to relevant data show that its sales in China for 6. $2. 1 billion, accounting for more than 44. 1%, 2009 ~ 2017, the compound growth rate of sales income in China is 52. 7%.

in the future China will be the global application market occupy larger proportion of fiber laser, the advantage in the market? Procurement in view of the fiber laser has a high frequency and low production line automation rate is two big business characteristics, the two big business characteristics decided the close to the customer's quick response ability and lower labor costs is the core competitiveness. The application of the 'chang e' 4 fully shows the rapid increase of laser technology in our country, so as the ascension of domestic fiber laser technology, laser domestic manufacturers will have great development space.

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