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Parsing why using a laser marking machine to avoid the 'box Ma Xian' tag event

recently 'horse fresh box' event attracted the attention of the consumers and the industry, the reason is very simple is the problem of date of label. This is why things like: at the time of November 15, 2018 citizens to buy goods in the box of raw ma, see the sales staff will be carrots for label change, also is to tear the old label transfer has become the new label. Originally commodity labeling is to facilitate consumer information such as the production date to check the goods, but the original label torn off, it will cause consumer concerns. Besides residents say the original label was not damaged, when citizens will trash can tag on their found the date shown above is 9 ~ 11, the new label is on the day of 15th, this kind of practice is one of the typical consumer fraud.

although the expiration of the carrot is relatively long, but for this 'horse' fresh 'box is a kind of deceive consumer behavior, although because employees causes, but it also shows its there are a lot of loopholes in management. Such events, will let the lower consumer box horse fresh credibility, but also reduces its brand trust. This is unfavorable for businesses. Is not only a box of fresh ma will this big brand label be replaced problems, there are many commodities on the market there are these problems, this is also why a large number of food safety and the safety of other goods is one of the reasons for problems. The occurrence of these events will be the greatest influence, we can choose other brands for consumers.

so is there any way to avoid this time? Yes, choose the laser marking machine. Why do you say need to select the laser marking machine? As we all know the problems existing in the paper label is the label information can be change, this is also a direct cause of the box of horse rare events, and laser marking machine printed label information cannot be changed. Information of permanent, no more modification can make consumers more trust you, and it can reveal more brand. Perhaps you will say the carrot is vegetables, laser marking will not safe? In fact is not, laser marking without using any consumables, but with the help of the high-energy laser beam in the processed goods form tag a process, is safe and environmental protection.

than paper label more clearly the advantages of laser marking machine, at the same time also can solve the problem on the logo, more specific as follows:

first, permanent marking effect, can prevent unethical dealers to change of commodity production date, reduce the possibility of consumers being cheated, improve the quality of the goods.

second, zero consumables environmental marking, can guarantee the safety of the goods, especially some of the food and drug class for the goods.

third, the stability of the laser marking equipment performance, can improve the user experience, increase the reliability of the user for the equipment.

its 4, the efficiency of laser marking equipment, increases the speed of commodity production, ensure the goods within the stipulated time to complete marking task.

five, from the performance of laser equipment maintainability, can reduce caused by the fault of time and money cost, etc.

what has been discussed above, the identity information on the existence of the laser marking equipment can completely replace the role of paper label, and can be used in any kind of need identity information assigned code used in the industry, solve the loopholes that exist in the paper label, and also to prevent myself to become the second 'box horse fresh' in the role of events.

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