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Personalization electronic cigarettes printer: electronic smoke 'fire', the electronic cigarette is helpful to quit smoking? - - - - - -

A lot of people are not very clear what electronic cigarette is a kind of product, is helpful to quit smoking? The injury does not hurt the body? Actually the public always some misunderstanding to electronic cigarettes. Small make up today to what science about the electronic cigarette is a. The electronic cigarette is a kind of imitation of cigarette electronic products, has the same appearance as cigarettes, smoke, taste and feel. It is through the atomization methods, such as nicotine into steam, allow the user to use a product. Although can effectively reduce the burning cigarettes such as nicotine, tar, will bring harm to smokers, but electronic cigarette is always contain the ingredients of the nicotine, cannot fundamentally to stop smoking. Nonetheless, the electronic cigarette's greatest contribution is to smokers develop healthier smoking habits. Why do you say that? The electronic cigarette is microelectronics technology, atomizer, lithium battery and smoke bombs. Although some imitate true smoke, but it is a kind of burning cigarette substitute. Whereas true raw material is tobacco smoke. Traditional tobacco burning temperature is 800 - 1000 degrees, at such a high temperature, produce many kinds of decomposition of the material, can reach more than 4000 species, nearly half we don't know what is material. But electronic cigarette smoke oil composition can be clearly know, there are such as glycerin, water, plant extract ingredients, no harmful substances. At the same time, the electronic cigarette smoke is water vapor, smoke is larger, the smaller the particle size. Is a process of liquid into a gas, no chemical substance is formed, so is not impact on other people's body. The real cigarette smoke belongs to the nature of the solid particles. Grain is bigger, people smoke to the lungs, is of great harm to human body. And the particles stay in the air for several hours, and air cancerous material in combination with other nonsmokers breathed in the body cause great health hazard. So is it on the market directly buy all sorts of electronic cigarettes are good? Isn't. After all, big manufacturer of small workshops is a significant difference between the two? Personal advice if you choose electronic cigarettes or to select normal products is guaranteed. The world health organization dedicated to electronic cigarettes are studied, and a clear conclusion: electronic cigarette harmful to public health, it is not the way to quit smoking, must strengthen to regulate them and eliminate harmful to teenagers and non-smokers. So don't smoke to quit smoking, the electronic cigarette is good also is not everything. Especially the foreign electronic cigarette market, many people like to do some personality customization, custom design on electronic cigarettes, logo. If you are a smoker, think through the electronic cigarette excessive smoking cessation. Can be customized on electronic cigarette remind words or custom design, can choose to customize your electronic cigarette laser printing machine exclusive electronic cigarettes. 18 years of good quality, trustworthy. As long as you want to do it.

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