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Pneumatic laser marking machine's main parts is introduced

The main advantage of pneumatic laser marking machine is the price is cheaper. So what are the main accessories pneumatic laser marking machine? Pneumatic laser marking machine is one of the components of solenoid valve. Solenoid valve is to control the gas path on and off. Pneumatic laser marking machine parts of gas source switch. It is the function of artificial control solenoid valve power on and off. Pneumatic laser marking machine accessories three print switch. Solenoid valve open power supply, computer instruction. Pneumatic laser marking machine accessories four is stepping motor. The role of the stepper motor is movement. Pneumatic laser marking machine accessories five is limit switch. The role of the limit switch is limit signals to control part. Pneumatic laser marking machine, if you compare and optical fiber laser marking machine, in addition to the price cheap, suggested that optical fiber laser marking machine of choose and buy.

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