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Popular personalized custom t-shirts, you don't know the tee shirt printing process! ! ! - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-23
Personalization of your ideas through pattern can be printed on clothes, different printing process has different effect. At present common clothing printing process is roughly divided into the direct injection silk screen printing, thermal transfer, etc. Silk screen printing custom designs mainly monochrome printing, colorful patterns, but each color requires a separate version, the cost is very high, especially when design color too much, there is no way to meet the needs of customers; And through the thermal transfer machine a beautiful pattern on the printing film transfer printing on the surface of the product, but the quality is bad thermal transfer machine printed pattern will be easy to fall off; Digital direct injection can save expensive color separation plate making cost and time, high print color reduction pattern, color fastness is very good, washes wear-resisting, but if custom clothing is too large, it is not very suitable for batch. T-shirt laser printing machine, through computer mapping, and ironing cloth fabric pretreatment on the surface of the villi, use T-shirt printers print directly in the surface of fabric, printed after the first drying ink on the surface of the fabric, and press again to enhance the color fastness. T-shirt laser printing machine to print dress washable, high temperature resistant, the light fastness has reached 4 clothes. Level 2. So the ink color fastness to fully rest assured!
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