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Precautions for the daily maintenance of the printer

1. Correct use of ink The quality of the ink directly affects the use of the print head, and it is serious. In this regard, we should pay attention to the following points: 1. It is best to use the ink recommended by the equipment manufacturer, because these inks are strictly tested And continuous improvement, there is a certain guarantee for the equipment. 2. Do not add any substance to the ink at will, and pay attention to check whether the ink expires. As a strict chemical, the ink also has an expiration date. If the ink expires, it should be purchased as soon as possible. Otherwise, the print quality cannot be guaranteed. 3. Check whether the ink viscosity is normal. The ink of the cij printer is very important. The viscosity of the ink has a great influence on the normal use of the inkjet printer. 4. When the machine is in use, check the ink and solvent level in time. When it is low, it must be added in time according to the procedure. 2. For the vulnerable parts of the cij printer-the maintenance of the nozzle 1. Pay attention to the working environment of the cij printer to prevent the dust in the working environment of the inkjet printer from entering the nozzle, which will block the nozzle and affect the nozzle The printing effect shortens the service life of the print head. 2. In the use of the inkjet printer, pay attention to the nozzle part on the surface of the nozzle that can not rub against any objects, and the fine hair is easy to hang on the surface of the nozzle. Otherwise it will cause clogging and dripping, which will affect the coding effect. Therefore, it is very important to operate the machine strictly in accordance with the requirements. 3. When installing the nozzle, pay attention to the nozzle sockets must be aligned, not hard insertion. If the pinhole is broken or not properly inserted, the nozzle will not work normally, and when operating the nozzle or touching the nozzle plate, the operator must To eliminate static electricity, static electricity damages the circuit of the print head is also very serious. Pay attention to the care of the inkjet printer: first, check the machine regularly, check the installation and fixing devices of the print head and the electric eye, the connection of the power supply and the ground wire, and regularly clean the fan filter. Secondly, the printer must clean the nozzle before shutting down and power off, and place the nozzle on the nozzle cover with a moisturizing sponge pad, which can ensure the condition of the nozzle and the quality of the coding, and also extend the nozzle to a certain extent. Service life. Prevent the nozzle of the nozzle from entering ink, cleaning fluid, etc., in case the socket is contaminated, quickly clean it with alcohol. In the area, you can find inkjet printer manufacturers to assist in cleaning. The machine has a certain service life. In daily use, you must be careful, pay attention to details, frequent inspections, and pay attention to maintenance. For more information about cij printers, you can search the official website of cij printers http:/// to view.

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