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Precautions for the use of hand-held inkjet printer quick-drying ink cartridges

Hand-held cij printers are widely used in the board manufacturing industry, wood board, wood core board, high-density board, gypsum board and other products. Hand-held cij printers are also commonly used in outer packaging, such as bar codes on cardboard boxes, and anti-sweeping of outer packaging products. Marble, pipe fittings, decorative building materials, etc. can be applied. Standardize the industrialized structure of standardized industrial waterproof grade, suitable for industrial natural environments such as dampness, coldness, dust, and high temperature. The nozzle sealing system software maintains that the inside of the nozzle will not be harmed by dust. The following points should be paid attention to when using the quick-drying ink cartridges in the handheld cij industrial inkjet printer:

1. You must cut off the power supply of the cij industrial inkjet printer before loading and unloading ink cartridges. 2. If the machine is not used for more than 20 minutes, the ink cartridge must be removed from the machine. And use the card holder to card it. 3. According to the data requirements given by Hewlett-Packard, the ink cartridge of the handheld cij printer should be used up within 3 months after being opened and energized. 4. Because the ink cartridges are quick-drying, it is normal for a little wire drawing and line shortage during use. 5. If there is wire drawing or lack of thread, you can use the following methods to solve: Method 1: You can use a soft paper towel to wipe the nozzle in one direction. Do not wipe the print head with hard materials, otherwise it will damage the print head. Method 2: After changing the vertical resolution to 300 in the advanced menu, change another print head (left or right) to transmit information and print again. 6. If it is a quick-drying white ink, shake it for 5-10 minutes before each use, otherwise the color will be lighter. Note that the shaking force should not be too strong.

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